The biggest threat for Diabetics

Interesting article from the BBC news about the link between kidney disease and life expectancy in Diabetics. I thought it was interesting and worth sharing.

"Keeping your kidneys healthy could be one of the best ways to extend your life if you have Type 2 diabetes, researchers have suggested.

The University of Washington study found that having kidney disease meant a much higher risk of early death.

Kidney disease was present in 9.4% of the people without diabetes, and 42.3% of those with diabetes.

They found that 7.7% of those without diabetes or kidney disease died over the course of the decade-long study."

Full article

Have you had a blood or urine test for kidney function?


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5 Replies

  • This is very interesting. and somewhat frightening.... thanks for sharing.

  • Good information. But how to keep kidney healthy and what all tests are recommended ?

  • Don't listen to Low Fat theory and don't believe what "Kellog" Advertises on TV showing Lara Dutta advocating Low fat (and high carb of course) breakfast of Kellogs Cornflakes (90%+ of Corn in America is GMO) to reduce weight. Kellog and bunch of others like them are real culprits.

    Eat lower carb and higher fat diet and walk walk and walk.

    Every health parameter will improve and i am talking with experience :)

    Dr richard bernstein took up medical profession very late in life as he was fed-up of what the then doctors were doing to his "D" and even then couldn't get things under control. For TYPE1 Dr Richard Bernstein is role model ... and he also believes in low carb diet model for diabetics.

    ADA trained professionals will force you or scold you if you take low carb because ADA wants their sponsors to profit and not you :)

  • Bottom line is that diabetics should aim for a max of 140 sugar level at any instance because moment it goes above 140 cellular damage starts. Easy to understand resources: by a diabetic for diabetics. Go through each section and one will learn a lot.

  • always check micro-albuminuria.It is important to check it once a month along with your regular blood tests.

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