5 Biggest Diabetes Management Mistakes


By David Edelman

Over seven years and millions of interactions on Diabetes Daily, we have seen many people make the same mistakes. Here are five of the most common ones along with potential solutions.

What mistakes are missing from the list? Share your experience in the comments and help spare your peers some difficult days.


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32 Replies

  • Alarming article!

    Thanks for posting,Admin!!

  • Great information and link. Everyone should take responsibility for their own health.

  • it is practical to follow the advice

  • An important mistake is not getting sufficient protein. In India vegetarianism is common, and it can be challenging getting enough protein without correspondingly raising the carb intake.

    Another one is accepting fasting blood sugar levels in the range of 110-130 as 'normal'! I see this very commonly.

  • well it is also said protein deficiency is also scam.... it happens only during starvation...

    when there is enough food... protein deficiency won't happen...

  • In my work as an Integrative Physician, and using a food diary, I have seen that it is almost impossible to reach a 1gm/kg recommendation without supplementation. Especially in vegetarians.

  • ok... but how we arrived at level of 1 gm/kg???

  • breakingmuscle.com/healthy-... This offers some insight.

  • gorillaprotein.com/what-gor...

    As long as you are eating any reasonable selection of unrefined plant foods, if you take care of the calories, the protein takes care of itself. The scientific evidence has been clear for over a century. In order to get a deficiency of protein, or any of the essential amino acids, you’d have to eat a bizarre diet. You’d have to eat nothing but apples, or nothing but extracted sugars and fats, or (as is much more likely) nothing but alcohol.

  • cure

    This writer is a vegan

    So it's biased .

    Read other articles

    You will get to know this bias

    She says that Gorillas get enough fat from plant

    This ignorant Person is not aware that primates eats plants and produces SCFA thru bacterial fermentation

    We can safely ignore this website

  • well Shashikantiyengar here we are talking about proteins... not fats....

  • Yes .

    But she is claiming that plant protein is sufficient .. we know that there are class 1 proteins which are fulfilled by animal origin proteins... even if it's from milk

  • hahaha again we are talking about deficiency of proteins....where in world in well fed state we see such thing??

  • Adequate proteins ensures longevity.. also less old age issue like weakeness.. Many move around with deficiencies without knowing or addressing it

    E.g. is vitamin D deficiency

  • hmmm but why vit d deficiency?? in spite of more than sufficient sunlight????

  • No idea

  • well...its is subject of separate thread...

    but in well fed state protein deficiency is rare..unless there is some other absorption problem....

  • Probably

    But my reply to you was the biased nature of that vegan writer.

  • hahaha I know.... but bhai even he/she is vegan...if we find some point in that...we should think....

    we are open minded ppl...even LCHF was new to me... all standard medical advice was against...

    but still with open mind we followed..(my case...may be ur case also same) and got results...

    we are ripping rewards of open mind....

  • I close my mind when some advise comes from a vegan 😁

  • hahaha...no shutting door to any advice....listen everyone...do what ur brain tells u....

    neer kshir viveka.... be swan....not stork...

  • Are you cured your type2 ?

  • Nadir69

    question to who?? me or shashikant???

    There is no cure as on today...

    but we can very well keep it under control

  • This is quite a dangerous point of view. Protein calorie malnutrition is common in children in underdeveloped countries and leads to avoidable deaths. Protein deficiency is very common in countries like India; the newspapers are full of it. Gorillas are not humans.

  • Protein calorie malnutrition is common in children in underdeveloped countries and leads to avoidable deaths.

    yes... and most of these kids are under fed..and starved...

  • protein obtained from fish ,meat ,chicken , causes the damage of kidneys and liver , due to the poisonous effects of aluminium chloride, and some other metals where the fish and small animals are taking the water contaminated with heavy metals . So excess protein also causes deaths sometimes .

  • well contamination is different thing....that way everything is contaminated....

    shashi was telling about quality of proteins....

  • quality is more important than quantity . What is the use of that protein which causes liver and kidney diseases on large scale which can't be over looked . It is better to go for plant proteins . We have to go for the lesser devil when absolute elimination is not possible .

  • our body is made to survive on any food...fats or proteins or carbs...

  • I have been detected with pre diabetics.My FBS reading is usually between 120 -128 & PP is 130- 137.I am not on any medication.Doctor has suggested brisk walk and diet control.Is this condition reversible ? To be very frank I have stopped taking sweets potatoes bread rice and brisk walk daily for 40 minutes but I don't find much difference in my readings.

  • Please consult your doctor before you change anything, prak63.

  • I think prak63

    you should try LCHF

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