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December 2021 Reading Rabbits 🐇📖

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Calling All Readers!

This is our December 2021 Reading Rabbits Book Posting. You can post your comments and suggestions about any book/magazine/newspaper that does/doesn't have to do with any medical issues on this posting. You can mention about your favorite authors, as well. This posting will be pinned to the Pinned Posts section for easier access.

This is the updated list of books that I will plan on reading. Some of them are from a trilogy/series. They are:

1. A Season to Celebrate Fern Michaels

2. Finders Keepers Stephen King

3. End of Watch Stephen King

4. The Search Nora Roberts/JD Robb

5. Weekend Warriors Fern Michaels

6. Crazy House James Patterson

7. The Colorado Kid (Hard Case

Crimes) Stephen King

8. Firefly Lane Kristin Hannah

9. Firestarter Stephen King

10. True Colors Kristin Hannah

11. 7th Heaven James Patterson

12. Dreamcatcher Stephen King

13. The Coast to Coast Murders

James Patterson/J.D. Barker

14. The 8th Confession James Patterson

15. Three Women Disappear James Patterson

16. 9th Judgement James Patterson

17. 10th Anniversary James Patterson

18. Joyland (Hard Case

Crimes) Stephen King

19. Later (Hard Case

Crimes) Stephen King

20. I Heart Hollywood Lindsey Kelk

21. 11th Hour James Patterson

22. 12th of Never James Patterson

I had read “The Reluctant Florist”, by Melissa Storm starting mid-November and finished it recently. “The Reluctant Florist” was dealing with a woman named Summer Smith, a guy named Ben ( who worked at Sweet Grove Market) and her Aunt Iris. It was a romance story that showed how even when you aren’t looking for something or someone, that thing or person will come into your life un-expectantly and change it for the best. I enjoyed reading “The Reluctant Florist´ and got to see how Ben and Summer changed throughout the story.

I’m now reading: “Mini Miracles”. It’s also written by Melissa Storm. It’s about a woman named Abigail, her husband Owen, Gavin ( a friend from when Abigail was in school) and Abigail’s father, Adam.

The story takes place in a town called “Charleston”. At the moment, it’s in the Winter season and Abigail’s father, Adam found a mother dog which he named Mary and brought her and her newborn puppies home one snowy night to surprise Abigail with in December. At the time, Abigail is very sad because Owen was in the service for a war and unfortunately, one of Owen’s Sergeants came to see Abigail and give her the folded up flag and the bad news about what had happened to Owen. This was bad timing since Owen and Abigail were going to have a baby in the next 9 months. Owen won’t be able to see his baby grow up.

Mary is aware that something is upsetting Abigail and insists on going with her to Abigail’s room and her puppies. Adam, Abigail’s father brings the homemade box with blanket to Abigail’s room and let’s all five dogs sleep in the room with Abigail. At first, Abigail isn’t really thrilled with this idea and tries to figure out why Mary is insisting to stay with her.

What will happen next?

Okay, now to you. What have you been reading or plan to read this month?

The next book I will be reading is: “A Season to Celebrate”, by Fern Michaels.

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Last night, I finished reading "Mini Miracles", by Melissa Storm. It was really good. It shows how when you’re not looking for anything, then it will show up.

Today, I started readingA Season To Celebrate”. This is written by Fern Michaels, Kate Pearce, Donna Kauffman and Priscilla Oliveras. The book has 4 stories and right now, I’m on the first story written by Fern Michaels. I’m on page 7; chapter 1 so far.

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