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Diabetes Awareness Month Small steps make a Big Difference.

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Hi everyone, this is what is the theme of week two of Diabetes Awareness month is all about and it means that by taking small steps type 2 diabetes can not only be managed better but in some cases reversed.

These small steps include eating and drinking well with adequate exercise to keep the weight down so here’s a You tube video about taking small steps for great success:


Here’s what the theme is all about:


To me this shows how empowering it is to know how to treat and manage our conditions so encourage those close to you to get checked out for diabetes or pre diabetes as that’s when action should be taken.

As prevention is much better than a cure and that’s a fact. 💙

2 Replies
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Thank you for posting this video with your posting, Hidden . It's very helpful and gave lots of information on how to try and prevent/manage Diabetes. :-)

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There are a number of video clips by South Asian Tamil doctor in Tamil language explaining type 2 in detail. Please Google "type 2 video clips by South Asian doctors " you can see the video clips.

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