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India shows the way to better diabetes care at no added cost


In other words this means.... all endocrinologists who follow 'STANDARD PROTOCOL' to manage diabetes...are nothing more than robots....they don't need those big degrees....with a simple s/w any normal graduate can help to manage and advise on diabetes.

“What makes this model workable is the low dependence on physicians, who are often few and far between, especially in rural areas. Any graduate or social worker with six or more months of experience in healthcare, social work or allied sciences and basic computing and good communication skills meets the requirement for a care coordinator, who then gets trained for 2.5 days to get acquainted with key principles of diabetes management,” said Dr Nikhil Tandon, head of endocrinology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), which partnered with the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) and Emory University, Atlanta, US, to do this “real life study” of patients getting treated for diabetes in public and private clinics and hospitals.

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I agree with every word. If you cannot explain in simple terms in five or ten minutes the cause and management of Type 2 diabetes then you don't understand Type 2 diabetes.

There are 'experts' in any field you care to name who need to be the gatekeeper to the oracle. An example is sailing. Go to any body of water and you'll see kids being taught by overinflated Blighs puffed up by their esoteric knowledge. If you can't teach a child so sail a simple sailboat from A to B and back in 20 minutes you are no instructor and a poor sailor.

Same goes for your doctor if he/she is overinflated lecturing you on weight or diabetes control.



At the same time it is utmost important to understand the root cause...

Why there is sudden explosion in our society....and we have to remove the same to save future generations.



i said that long back. Understand your disease and try to control D. Diabetes is such a simple disease or as many prefer to say metabolic syndrome that a literate person can control it. Pathology very simple. High bs > tissue edema because of high osmolarity > organ damage > complications.

Treatment very simple. Control your bs preferably with diet and exercise. No or minimum usage of drugs. And good people like you are here on this forum is here to help them further😜😜😜😜


LOL..... but this seems our government seems very serious about this.




Doctors always say..'do not read information from google to update yourself.

I always ask then what is better source???

Most of the doctors get updated by material published by pharmaceutical companies.


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