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Mentally Stressed


How does one deal with the mental stress that comes with diabetes? I am stressed about it 24x7 which is again not good for blood sugar levels.

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Stress causes the body to release glucose to fuel the 'fight or flight' response. This then has to be brought under control by insulin.

As with diabetes in general, the solution is to lower your carbohydrate intake to enable your insulin levels to normalise. If you need the calories, get them from healthy natural fats such as olives, avocado, low-carb nuts/seeds and, to a lesser extent, whole-fat dairy or coconut.

Its very simple though everyone feels difficult to control stress. 1st stop worrying about diabetic and other health issues. You are not alone having diabetics millions of people are there having diabetes. you are one among them. Have control over food and Monitor the sugar readings. Even readings cross the limit (fasting 100 and PP 140) do not worry and do not panic . Make adjustment in the food. Try to spend more time with family and friends. Keep away from negative people. Try not to be panic for any health issues. See humorous videos are anything of your liking. Be like a philosopher. Enjoy pleasant morning walk.

Jow is Smul cheese cubes? Good or bad for a diabetic?


You should not have any stress in the first place. ...if you lead a holistic life style!

Watch out my space ...I am coming out with a comprehensive post on mental stress, sleeplessness, Insmonia, Brain health Alzheimer's, Parkinson's , Dementia & schizophrenia!

In the mean time , young boy - watch this is two minutes video.

And watch this twice - once in the morning after you wake up and later in the evening before going to bed.continue daily ..and please try to understand the deep meaning of the sentences and words, though it is easy to understand ... .if you don't understand, please PM me...will explain to you..

Yet another short video ...please watch .. No worry ... Whenever you are stressed watch this video !

BakedOut in reply to namaha

Thank you for the videos! Will keep them in mind. I dont lead a holistic lifestyle. My lifestyle is still very poor. I dont see a purpose in my life right now and that is why I feel uninspired to make a change. I have tried to change but it lasts only for a few days.

namahaAdministrator in reply to BakedOut

I understand what you are saying? What about the quality of sleep.

Are you getting 7 hours sound sleep every night ???

I am giving you two meditations.....

Both you practice one after another early in the morning and in the evening after dinner...what you have to do is to listen every word and sentence and try to understand and visualise....keep your mind under control ....try not to divert your attention from the audio recordings...

Do this for 30 days....and then please do message me if you are finding some difference. If one door closes for you , another door opens for you...that is the universal law !

Also I will strongly urge you to read a small book of " 7 spiritual law of success " by Dr Deepak Chopra...small book you can finish within 2 read once your life will change for ever...

1..Discovering your self

2.Meditation on twin heart. By Grand master Choa kok Sui of Pranic Healing foundation.


If you want to destress yourself, there are various methods, which I am simply listing. You can develop your own methods after properly studying various aspects of these.1.Physical exercise like walking, jogging, swimming, sports etc.

2. Breathing exercises.

3.Yoga exercises.


Each of the above is an exhaustive subject and you have to develop your own system that suits you best. There are a number of videos on youtube

which are very helpful.

When I was first told I am diabetic, UK, NHS, sent me a lot of letters with information. What a waste of time it was. My decision was to stop worrying about type 2 and take action.

On a daily basis I will send me 2 or 3 emails, to stop the record player playing in my head. Will go for long walk watch the birds, watch the leaves, watch the animals running around, people used to ask me if I am taking an imaginary dog for a walk!!!

Any way all the above helped me to loose weight and take control of type 2. I go for twice a year blood test and still avoiding medication.

Take care.

BakedOut in reply to sandybrown

I will try this! Thank You

sandybrown in reply to BakedOut

Please read this information.

"Stress can affect people differently. The type of stress that you experience can also have an impact on your body's physical response. When people with type 2 diabetes are under mental stress, they generally experience an increase in their blood glucose levels."(1)

The fear of blood sugar fluctuations can be very stressful. Changes in blood sugar can cause rapid changes in mood and other mental symptoms such as fatigue, trouble thinking clearly, and anxiety. Having diabetes can cause a condition called diabetes distress which shares some traits of stress, depression and anxiety.

During stressful situations, your insulin levels drop and stress hormone levels go up. That makes it harder for your insulin to work the way it should. All of this may raise your blood sugar. If you reach for comfort foods or alcohol to deal with stress, that can make things worse.





Thank You


I came across the above article which may address some of your concerns.

Please open the link.



Whenever you get unnecessary or repeated thoughts, move to a silent place, switch off your mobile and start deep breathing by closing the eyes. It has worked many times for me. Cheers.

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