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Intermittent Bad Gateway 504 or 504 Bad Gateway Timeout faults


Hi everyone,

Recently, there has been a site wide glitch dealing with the above for some of us. One example of the glitch is trying to get alerts and messages. The other is trying to do replies on polls and clicking on the like button. The HU Support Team is aware of the issue(s) and are working on fixing the problem as fast as they can. Please be patient. These have also happened to me for the last few days.

Activity2004 :-)

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I have not experienced any issues.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to sandybrown

Thank you for saying that, sandybrown. There's been a few issues when trying to load a page/group, get private messages/alerts/clicking on the like button to comments and postings and replies to polls. If you do have any issues come up, please let me, namaha or barani19 know anytime. :-)


Thanks for the information Activity2004. I have faced this issue multiple times in the last one week or so.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to barani19

Thank you for letting me know. HU is working on the issues. Which ones are you having the most?

barani19Administrator in reply to Activity2004

I observed the "Bad Gateway" issue quite a few times.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to barani19

I’ve gotten the 502/504 a lot today and when I tried to refresh the pages for the groups I had gone on throughout the day. It’s doing a little better now, tonight. I don’t want us to do polls until the glitch is fixed.

"A 504 Gateway Timeout error indicates that the web server is waiting too long for a response from another server and “timing out.” There can be many reasons for this timeout: the other server is not functioning properly, it's overloaded, or it's down."(1)



Activity2004Administrator in reply to gangadharan_nair

Thank you for the information, gangadharan_nair. The HU Support Team has solved some of the issues for right now. They said that if anything else seems unusual, then everyone can let them know. :-)

Me too

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