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Controlling FBS Levels


Hi everyone! Can anyone suggest how to keep fasting blood sugar levels between 70 and 100? I understand that the upper limit was 140 in the early 90s.

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In order to avoid diabetic complications, a diabetic patient should maintain FBS below 100 mg/dL and postprandial blood sugar(2 hours after consuming food) under 140 mg/dL.


Hi PankajGlad,Has your doctor suggested counting carbs. for each meal and/or snack? Did they suggest either a low carb. high protein or low carb. high fat diet? What medications has the doctor prescribed?

PankajGlad,Please provide a small history about you that covers your diet, current lifestyle(physical activities, etc) and blood test numbers(fasting Blood sugar, Post prandial blood sugar, hbA1c,etc).

Have your night food (dinner) before 7 pm. Give your stomach a clear 12 hour break


Go for three monthly HbA1c to start with!.

Have your evening before 6:30 PM, have your breakfast after 9 AM. lunch small between 1 and 2 PM. Eat small quantity of food in the evening, drink Sri Lankan Cinnamon boiled water in the evening and morning.

Take care.

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