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Covid19 Fallout: India is perhaps the first country in the world to announce a Blanket Ban on all international travels:


Effective 18 March, 2020 India will not be welcoming any International travellers to India irrespective of any nationality which would mean that even if any indian from any foreign soil would like to visit India, he can not....

At the same time no indians will be allowed to depart India to any other country .... India would like to remain completely isolated...

While the ban may be temporary for 30 days, but still, Is it a knee jack reaction or it is required under the current circumstances when Covid19 seems to be attacking every nation??.....

But considering that India has a population with 1300 million with inadequate public medical infrastructure, it appears to be the right decision. The country is definitely seems to be taking all possible precautions to prevent an epidemic. While the affected cases are Low at present, but it appears that the Covid19 is gradually spreading its wings day after spite of the hostile indian climate for the Covid19!

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It already looks like doomsday in Bangalore. I can hardly see people in my office street. Even street dogs are absent. The shops have very few attendants or customers. Looks like it will be straight lockdown till Mar 30th. Having said that staying safe is more important. Hope we do not get affected too severely like other countries.

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