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How are you celebrating Holi the festival of colours🌈


Hello everyone,

I hope that you enjoy celebrating Holi today and the rest of the week as it is a special time of year, but you have to stay safe with COVID19 about, so it is what it symbolises that is important.

If any of you take photos, we would love to see them.

Enjoy Holi! 🙏


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What is festival of colours? Not heard of this.

in reply to kitchengardener2

Hi kitchengardener2 its a week long festival celebrating goodness over evil and the coming Spring so here’s a link,

It sounds fun,

Jerry 😊

Will always support that. Will have a look. Thanks x

Thanks for your wishes Jerry

Thank you Jerry for your wishes. It was not very elaborate as it used to be because of COVID fears. Nevertheless we met few friends and families, had good food and lot of laughs throughout the day. :)

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