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One of the members of Diabetes India, Fatbuddy recently suffered heart attack/failure. He seems to be doing okay. This post is to wish him well and for his speedy recovery.

Please join me to send him good wishes!

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get well soon #fatbuddy.


Get Well Soon Fatbuddy!

May God Bless you !


Hi Fatbuddy,

May you have a speedy recovery! Glad you’re back!😀👍


Hi Fatbuddy I wish you a speedy recovery. 🙏


Wishing you speedy recovery Fatbuddy


Hi,Fatbuddy,get well soon.Looking forward for your tweets again.

Wish you a very speedy recovery #fatbuddy

Get well soon Sir. We are praying for you.

Hi Fatbuddy,

Get well soon. We are all with you and praying for your speedy recovery.

Get well soon Fat Buddy.

Thank you every one for wishes for my health.

This will be good to read by everyone here ....

I am 74 years young now. I have had a Type 2 Diabetes for over 23 years - until recently, I was only taking Metformin ( highsest dose ) - 1000 ER and Glimipiride 2 mg - 2 times a day.

With A1 C - under 7.5.

On March 15th 2019 - had a Heart FAILURE.

I just came back from grocery store and felt uneasy and called ambulance. Luckily they came in 3 minutes and hospital was only 8 minutes away. Also luckily - coincedently Cardiologist was there at the time - immediately he checked and one of the Artery was 80 % blocked and other was 100 % blocked - Plaque. Doctor installed STENT in only one artery - he got scared - too risky for other artery. After few days - transferred me to other big Hospital ( Emory ) in Atlanta. Luckily had an excellent Cardiologist ( looks like 80 years young ) . While I was in ICU - my heart STOPPED completely FOUR times -- I was revived by a team of doctors by giving me electric shock and oxygen. Doctor has told my brother - that If my heart stops again-- there was NO chance of survival and they will NOT give me shock again. I had to sign a DNR -- waiver to agree that Doctor will NOT give me shock again and let me die.

Fortunately ( or unfortunately ) I survived and recover very well. Cardiologist - had inserted a baloon through my legs major artery all the way to the heart --inside the heart and manually

pumped to start heart again. After 15 - 20 days , when I was discharged - my heart was working at only 20 % efficiency --called ef - Ejection factor. This is estimated after EchoCardio- Ultrasound of heart test.

Then, I was sent to a Rehab facility - where I stayed 18 days and did some simple - low intensity exercises. However I was feeling so good - they said I do NOT need rehab exercises.

Then six weeks later I had a follow up appointment with my Cardiologist - who performed heart surgery at Emory. Report was NOT good. ef was between 30 5 - 35 % and doctor suggested to implant a DefIbrilator. It is advance development after Pacemaker. It helps

prevent heart attack again - It is a 1/4 thick metal box with battery and electrode. There is

NO penetration into heart. It is implanted under my skin - right under left under arm. If the heart rate goes over 200 bpm - then it will give an electronic shot to the heart via conductivity in skin.

March 15th - to April 22nd - I was at hospital and rehab facility.

Then I have moved to a hotel - since I am divorced and now can NOT work for a while.

I did go to Cardiac Rehab for two months - 3 times a week. Mostly doing 20 minutes Trade Mill walking and 20 minutes of bicycling -- with heart rate monitor attached.

I am doing good now - will start LA Fitness - exercise next week.


For every one here -- just know that right diagnosis at right time will prolong your health and keep you healthy. From early child hood - I am skinny --but have good stamina. Personally I do NOT believe in Luck or GOD.

I was very -- interested and reading on good health. Specially Diabetes.

I still NEVER found out a good scientific Theory - explanation -- about Diabetes and Heart attack.

My cholesterol was below normal - for last 15 years - Total, HDL, LDL, VLDL, TG was all way below mid range. Never had BP - always stay low side BP. No chest pain.

Have had calcium Score tests done - 8 years ago -it was 250 then few years ago it was 450.

Yes I made a mistake at that time - should have done catherization and should have installed STENT at that time.

Also had a complete Cardio Evaluation - Nuclear stress test - 3 years ago and was Normal.



OOPs... forgot to mention that -- due to heart attack my organs have havack - Sugar was in

range of 350 to 450 at hospital. They did NOT know how to manage my sugar. So I ahd to start insulin. Now I am okay - Take 38 units Levemir in morning - which is long acting -

and 6 to 9 units - Novolog - at meal time.

My last A1C -- 6.3 - two weeks ago.

I am planning a trip to India in December for 2 weeks.


During all these I have lost all my books - collected data and books - saved data

in Flash Drives -- I was planning to write a Book on DIABETES and also Seminars for

Diabetes Prevention and Control.

Everything has changed now.. NO more interest

May NOT make too many comments here --- or get online that often


Just enjoy good life--with friends and family.

Eat low carb - vegetarian or Mediteranian food - healthy food

and do 30 to 50 minutes walking and 30 minutes exercises - movements and weight lifting


I was walking 5 miles a day for 5 days a week - 2 years ago - all my friends and family - NEVER belive that I had heart attack - WHY ??


Thank you again for - well wishes -- I plan to live to 101 !

in reply to Fatbuddy


Thanks for the details and thanks to the medical team for providing the excellent care for your critical conditions.

As such, total cholesterol and LDL are not good predictor of heart issues. A very large percentage of people who suffer heart attack have normal cholesterol levels. In your case, you have not been even overweight However, recent work by many researchers suggest that the calcium score is much accurate predictor of heart blockage resulting in heart attack. I do agree with you that you should have taken some preventive actions when you found your calcium score had gone up nearly twice.

Yes, relationship between heart issues and diabetes is complicated and not yet fully understood particularly when HbA1c remains below the level causing any complications and heart problem still happens.

I am NOT sure - if this is aright Forum to have details - but good for every one to read and understand that -- age has nothing to do with heart attack -

My cholesterol was below limits - How did the Plaque Build up ??

Excess insulin causes the deposition of harmful VLDL and visceral fat. It also has a sibling hormone, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), that in excess causes abnormal growth of the endothelial linings, effectively narrowing arteries.

Okay --but my A1C was below 7.5 last few years and below 7.0 for many years --

I thought Plaque is made up of 20 % calcium and 80 % fat - unoxidized LDL

My VLDL - were below limits too- I do regular checkups - including Cardio IQ --blood test - vertical lipid - includes VLDL and platelet counts - all normal

Is there any Blood Test to determine - Plaque Build up ??

HbA1c should be below 5.8% with normal insulin levels. For a type 2 that means carbohydrate intake needs to be low enough not to require any insulin-affecting medication.

High insulin levels also cause hormonal miscommunication. Ron Rosedale proposes that the calcium that should be used for bone remodelling is laid down in the vascular system.

Interestingly, the vast majority of lipids in atherosclerotic plaque are unsaturated. They are a symptom of a failing repair system; a never healing ulcer, again resulting from insulin-resistance.

Thank you.

I am Type 2 Diabetic from last 15 years. My height 5.5, weight 143 lbs. My recent A1c is 6.7 which varied between 6.0 to 12 in last 10 years. 6.7 to 6.1 in last 2 years following reducing carb intake and increasing fat, and intermittent fasting between 8 pm to 10-11 am, 2 to 3 meals. I have lost about 25 lbs but still have some belly fat. In last 4 months, I had some craving, had my carb in take little bit, had 3 meals which resulted in A1c increase from 6.1 to 6.7. Having slight chest pain from last 1 and half months, Creatinine level 1.2 to 1.5 and GFR between 51 -60 in 5 blood tests indicating 3rd stage of kidney damage. I forget a lot and take time to recognize, concentration and coordinate, slow in my work but doctor is telling I do not have dementia or memory loss detectable enough in his questionnaires. My recent cholesterol is about 200, LDL 150 but they suggest it should be below 70 for diabetic and suggesting me to take 40 mg statin.

I got admitted to urgent care following slight chest pain, underwent blood and stress test. TROPONIN I is <0.03 ng/mL (0.00 - 0.07 ng/mL: Negative) indicating no heart attack. In 8 minutes stress test I did ok with slight increase in chest pain and slight change in EKG which are minor. I got discharged next morning but having slight chest pain. Doctor has ordered CTA with contrast without calcium and I am likely to get it done in a week time.

I appreciate any suggestions regarding any tests, diagnosis, diet and other life style change. When I get craving I have hard time controlling food. I am Vegetarian, eat eggs some time, avoids rice, wheat, bread, pasta, potatoes, banana etc at least 5 days a week. Once in a while I eat 1-2 slices of bread, peanut butter cups, I think it contains 2 gms of sugar. I eat dal, chickpea, moong dal, lentils, sprouts and vegetables, butter, ghee, olive oil and coconut oil, pea nut, walnut, almond, and pecan. Eat little bit sweet rarely, when too hungry and nothing else to eat (may be once in 1-2 weeks).


The stark reality is that your body already has more than enough glucose if HbA1c isn't constantly below 5.8% without medication.

It's very hard to judge from a snapshot that people try to give, but it depends what vegetables you have for example, and I'm sure you're aware of the carbohydrate in such as dahl and chickpeas.

The weekends off is a bad idea; it may take longer than 5 days to recover from the damage, assuming the damage is repairable.

If you are going to eat bananas for instance, learn to limit the GL of what you eat and count them as part of it.

God bless you!

in reply to Fatbuddy

Thank you for this write up, Well, I now have a lot of unanswered questions. Life is not simple as blood test and take medication because the doctor this the numbers are high and medication will bring the numbers down for better life.

From what I have read you are still looking for answers?

Which part of India are you travelling to? Take all your medication with you and make sure you have a travel insurance that can bring you back to USA.

Thank you, take care.

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