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Reduce my sugar level after tiffan

After my morning tiffan, the blood sugar is 286 can me help to reduce the same

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It can only be managed by making right choice of what you eat for breakfast.I eat a breakfast of steel cut oats porridge(with little milk and no added sugar) and one fried egg.I chose steel cut oats because of it's low glycemic index of 34.Please gain knowledge about glycemic index and glycemic load of each time of food we consume.For the same reason avoid instant and rolled oats which have a high glycemic index value. Use the search function on this web page to learn about these subjects.

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What did your doctor say about your blood sugar and medication? Do they want you to change the dose?


I take Calpride 2 mg for morning and night before meals

Nagarajan S

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What is your blood glucose level before morning tiffan?


What is TIFFAN ?

Are you Diabetic ?

What did you eat for breakfast - write it down with quantity - of each item you eat

then check carbs for each item and estimate total carbs -

Do you take any medicine before break fast ?

Once you figure out carbs - next time try cutting carbs to half and check again

by trial and error - lower your BS - with low carbs


my tiffan is 4 idly or 4 dosai every day. Sugar level before breakfast is 185


What do you eat before bed each night?


4 idli or 4 dosai or 4 chappathi


Are the chap Patti whole or do you cut them in half?


You must be from South - Karnatak and Hydrabad has highest Diabetics now in India

Go to near by city- Indian Grocery store and check Frozen Package of Idli- and see the lable- Find out how many carbs per serving and per Idli --

Your home made idli is much bigger than that package -- I love Idli- used eat six for dinner with two bowls of smbar --but stopped eating Idli completely FIVE years ago- TOOO much carbs - because of rice and lentils

same way fro Dosa - check carbs

If your morning BS - before breakfast is 185--you should skip break fast. Wait for one or two hours - go for a walk or do some light exercise in home- check BS again- eat only after it drops below 150.

Alternately- stop eating IDLI- heavy carb breakfast -e at omlet, or scrambles eggs, or yogurt, cottage cheese, vegetables and cheese etc --

Check into Diabetes India - for recopies - Low Carb


pl contact good diabetic specialist physician,do not try any other method,i will harm you and will demage yr viatal organ.


Most doctors do NOT advise on what to eat- or diet- they just prescribe medicine

Best way to control is LCHF diet and exercise

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