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Diabetes from 2004


I am having diabetes since 2004. my mother was also diabetic . I had a good control in the beginning but now a days some times BS level goes to 280 pp.and fasting about 240. when i do not take carbohydrate in the evening its result automatically come down to 150 fasting and 180 pp after taking Amaryl M 1 forte,

the other medicines I am taking are telma 40 and tenegliptini 20 in the day once .

in the night I take Rosuvastin10 .

I want to change over in some other Pathy. Can you suggest me >

Rastogi R C

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Please don’t take rice in your diet.

Have a minimum 5 kms walking preferably in morning

and Amryl 1mg tab a day up to 90 days with out break

After 90 days hba1c testing if BS is between 7 to 8. Then repeat the process


Rosuvastin10-- google for side effects


Take homeopathy arnica 6 in half cup water 3 times a day for 3 days and check BS on 4 th day

Don't worry its a safe medicines and will not react with other medicines

Check it out weather it's working for u or not and revert back after result best of luck


Go to you tube. Search for Diabetes cure in 72 hours from Biswroop Ray Choudhary. Start to get remedy without medicines. I was diabetic in the past. Living a happy life consuming all types of meal without taking any pills.


nice, are you cured



You are on a wrong and dangerous track. Learn about D. You are type 2.

1) no pathy in the world would help you and your mother.

2) only idm will. Learn about lchf. 90% of your problem would be solved if you both take ketogenic diet.

3) know your diabetes by reports.

There are ample posts on this forum which will help you a lot. Find time to read them.

Gud luk.


अपना अपना नसीब। विश्वास नहीं तो मरिये।


Biswaroop Chaudhary is really helpful. But tough to follow. If you can then your condition will be under control. I have tried it. But cannot follow it since my wife is not serious about it and I cannot cook or prepare my own food. Certain foods are expensive and hard to procure. But if you can do it, it's very helpful.

Take you dinner early, if you are taking it late. And of course leave the carbs. They are also trigger foods for diabetics. iii


Carb is the problem.follow lchf diet.every thing will be o.k.


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