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Insulin Resistance is it the starting point?

Have been diagnosed with Pre-diabetic. Now under diet and exercise, coming from a family history of diabetes (father). Aged 40, 100/130, had fatty liver now reversing.

I was poor on diet but was very much active(exercise). Was following my blood works every six months in my life. So fatty liver got detected around 3 years back, and A1nc was at 5.2, FBS 80 and PPBS 102..

In Sep2017(last year ) I got a flu which was really high around 101, was put on dolo and was rest for 1 week. Was really feeling tired and weakened. After that doctor ordered blood test and my readings was PPBS was 190 !!! I was shocked literally because last month FBS was at 80 and A1nc was 5.2. So we did A1nc right there at the moment and it was returning 5.2 . He said to wait for one month and asked to check.

Exactly as it was 6.4!!! and FBS was at 110!!. Why this happened suddenly in a month, is that flue caused it?? Was it a catalyst??? Doctor said insulin resistance may be started with that flue and reason is unknown!!

I mean t1 has single cause but t2 is complicated it seems. Is it due to pancreas failing or cells preventing or insulin not being effective ??? Don know too complicated .

I'm now trying to digest all that happened. But never experienced this sudden onslaught. I don't know how long will able to continue this way into a full diabetic. Now my readings are at 102 and 120. Hoping no miracle will happen to reverse the condition. May be my genetics is the culprit . One day finally a drug will come to end this dreaded diseases.

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Any infection is stated to increase blood sugar for diabetes.Further if your parents are confirmed diabetics you could also be one in due course due to gene tic disorder for hereditary reasons

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I started reducing carbs in my diet. Adding fat & fiber to slow things down. I’m trying to give my pancreas a break.


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