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got injured in diabetes


i got accident , and having diabetes too high these days , i use betadin on my injury but its being 6 days but no relieve in mu injury ,can anyone suggest what should i do.

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Get the injuries properly dressed at a good clinic.Consult a phycician and take antibiotics if needed.Healing of wounds is difficult for a diabetic.Not to be treated lightly.Consider it a major issue.

First of all you have to lower your blood sugar level in order to heal the wound.

Check your blood sugar daily and adopt strict low carbohydrate diet and aerobic exercise.

Antibiotics have no effect if you have high blood sugar levels.

Consult your doctor and take proper treatment in order to prevent secondary infections.


Thanku sir

I agree with the above suggestions. Wound care for diabetic person is crucial where proper treatment and care is needed not only to heal but also to avoid further damages. If it is a critical wound, please seek medical attention. Importantly, you need to control your BSL because high BSL will cause damages to your blood vessels (narrowing) which leads to poor blood circulation resulting poor blood supply to the wound. This makes wound difficult to heal.

DRH-sangliStar in reply to Luckysugar your earlier posts 11 months ago,you have read much about LCHF... are you following?... after this temporary phase of BS hike due to body injury infection, you need to adopt some lifestyle for reduction of BS and PCOD,Obesity etc... one answer could be taking only two main meals 8-10 hours apart and nothing in between, (ONLY FASTING),except black (sugar less)tea,buttermilk or coconut water....nothing else..This can reduce IR,obesity,PCOD and BS... your wish to conceive may not then be far away..worth trying for a month.. see may reduce your weight by 3 kg in one month,if you follow fasting as above,and manage your diabetes properly... best wishes..

yes i m trying my best to be on LCHF diet , but i am having too much stress in my family i think it can be reason of my high sugar, LCHF diet ,medicine ,ayurvedic i m doing everything

can you please explain diet plan so that i can be strict on that

thanks for help

In your old post you mentioned that you are on LCHF for 1.5 years but you are still overweight and also not control BSL, what do you have difficulty with? For example, not eating the right foods, lack of motivation to stick to low carbs diet or maintain a regular exercise or a lack of time. There are plenty of advice in terms of diet as well as support on this forum but most importantly, it is you who must do all the works. I am sure you can do this. Please try harder and set you goals that are more achievable to improve your health. That achievement would bring you so much benefits including a potential for conceiving a child. All the best.

Yes treating the wound without getting tight control of blood sugar is futile. You need to do whatever it takes to get blood sugar in control immediately. Even if that means increasing the dose of your medication temporarily. Once that is done, healing will speed up. Please get the wound examined by a specialist.

my experience betadin does not heal the wound .kindly consult a diabetic surgeon .this is very urgent to be safe.

Eat protein diet

Control sugar

I agree with all above suggestions, immediate reduction in blood sugars through medication and /or insulin for short period would automatically heal up the wounds with tropical treatment, if neglected the outcome would be disastrous leading to long term treatment and very slow recovery?.

You need to try and reduce diet you can see by clicking on my name Icon DRH and go through various posts... my status

can i have corn flackes with milk

in morning breakfast

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