Frozen shoulder pls tell how to cure

I have frozen shoulder anyone knows best medicine. I am in Mumbai


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10 Replies

  • There is no medicine as such.Even pain killers are not of much use.Physiotherapy and weight exercises with 2 kg weights is the best course of action.Consult a good ortho surgeon and get trained in the prescribed exercises and continue at home.This is from my personal experience.

  • I too had a similar problem about 5 years back at Hyderabad and underwent Physiotherphy treatment and applying olive oil at the shoulder joint every morning and moving the arms in rotatory movement for two minutes.

    Now I am able to move the shoulder freely.

    of course keep your sugar levels under control.

  • I had the same problem and unfortunately I was at Canada then.I tried physiotherapist,acupuncture wasting part of my children's fortune.I preponderance my trip back to India and underwent massage therapy at Kotakal Ayurvedic centre at Chennai.Mark my word.There is no permanent cure to nerve related problem in any field except Ayurveda.I suffered even with spondylitis some 15 years back for 3 years and only Kotakal has helped me.Try your luck at Mumbai with Kotakkal.Best of luck.

  • Often it seems it is just a matter of time. However the best treatment to help is with a cranial osteopath.

  • I am diabetic for 25 years. I had frozen shoulder on two occasions ,once on right side and after few years on left... I found shoulder exercises help a lot... it has vanished each time after 6 months... but daily routine of shoulder exercises should NOT be left,otherwise pain reappear...these exercises takes hardly 5 minutes of a day but must be can find types on utube.

  • Hi Ajit,

    i am 39 Yrs Male with 120 Fasting Sugar and i used to have severe Frozen shoulder pain few months back.

    the pain was so much severe that i was not able to sleep properly and used to cry whole day.

    last year in November i went to the ortho doctor.

    he checked my blood and found that the vitamin D levels are very poor (7) and is the main cause of the pain.

    he prescribed the colligen pills (INR2500/30 days) and vitamin D injection (INR 40 forty rupees) and also asked me to go for physiotherapy (200 per session, recommended for atleast 30 days).

    i took the injection immediately, took the pills for almost 15 days and went for physiotherapy for 1 session.

    the pain remained till February and started decreasing and today i am totally fit (99% pain gone).

    the doctor told me to face the sun for 30 minutes every day keeping 30% of the body exposed because this injection will not last more than 1 Yr.

    so i think its time to get injected again because due to lifestyle problems we are not able to soak the sun regularly.

    my advice to you: go to doctor and ask for vitamin D injection apart from pills which he anyways will be giving.

  • I endorse the advice of DRH-sangli. Before I get out of my bed each morning, I practice shoulder rolling (forward and reverse movement), hand rolling, and arm stretching, finger closing and fist rolling (forward and reverse movement), and four neck movements in erect sitting position. These take no more than 10 - 12 minutes and provide me considerable relief. The luxury of using high or more than one pillow, and sleeping on soft beds, to which we have enslaved ourselves, ensure that we develop frozen shoulders and such related problems. I am now 78 and am a diabetic for 35 years. You have neither mentioned your age and the age of your diabetes. Good luck. N.Narasimhan

  • Physiotherapy coupled with some calcium supplement along with Vit D3 is required.But most important is suger control.Thanks

  • Ajit ,

    Your frozen shoulder will be recovered automatically after 2 years just test VITAMIN D level and fulfill it if it is low and take a pain killer for the meantime. 💯 % guaranteed it will be recovered after 2 years.

  • I had this problem on my left shoulder 15 years .I took treatment with different doctors for six months. I had treatment in native type also But finally an ortho doctor injected a fluid deep inside the joint .connected with it I was advised shoulder moving exercises. It has gone permanently now I am 73 years.

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