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Type 2 and onions



I am type 2 diagnosed 3 months ago with Hba1c of 7.8.I have been constantly working out and lost around 9 Kgs now. I am 5'2 and currently 62 kg. I eat 1 roti a day with veggies, dairy, eggs, and no grains after 2 pm. I don't take fats either. I feel OK. I have been having much lower readings in 2days with hitting my ratings in 80s and feeling sick and borderline shaky and weak calves. The only things that has changed is I am not taking onions because of Navratra. Do onions affect numbers? If so I might go onion free and have nice numbers. I am not on allopathic meds.

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Your HbA1c is high. It should be less than 6.5%.

Please check your blood sugar levels when you feel shaky.

You may have hypoglycemia when your blood sugar levels falls below 72 mg/dL.

Conduct another test for HbA1c now itself.







Thank you. Sir, 7.8was 3 months back. I have better numbers now. I hardly ever spike to 120 at any given time. I am sure now it's below 7.8,will confirm soon. I had pp 85 that is my lowest ever may be that's why I felt weak and sick. I will be cautious.

Hello Shailajaa;

That's fantastic to lose that amount of weight. A huge congratulations! Some symptoms as described showing that you may not eat well enough to maintain your daily energy especially when doing workouts. Please review your daily diet and monitor closely your BSL to avoid Hypo.

I would like to share my personal view on eating onions as questioned. Since I am on grain-free diet, my CARBS are from non-veggies, nuts, seeds and full cream dairy. Plus, I love eating raw garlic and onion especially red onion. I have found that if we eat small amount of raw small onion which contains about 6.5 grams of total Carbs but half of them are fibers so Net Carbs would be about 3 - 3.5 grams; this won't significantly spike our blood sugar. While cooked onion would normally contains more Carbs. Besides, onions provide us many health benefits as they are antioxidant (flavonoids), high in Vit C and same substance found in garlic etc.

Thanks a lot lucky sugar for sharing your experience. I am slowly working towards going grain free. I do take loads of lemon water and a citrus fruit to help me with vitamins C levels. I don't take seeds I guess will start taking them as well. I am constantly checking my sugar levels, it's 90 fasting and 100 Pp. I have my Hba1c scheduled in 5 - 6 days.

Thanks :)

Your BSL is well controlled, keep it going....well done! I am sure your next HbA1C would be much lower :)

I congratulate you that you are trying to be grain free.There may be hypo when you feel shaky.onion is good and comes under low veggies.main culprit is direct carb.Thanks

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