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BSL down in August 2017 Pune 9


i am diabetic since 2005, BSL 160-260 but since i skip BF and reduce chappati in my diet BSL come down to 140-180

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Undergo HbA1c test. You should aim to achieve the results of 6.5% or less.

You should not skip the breakfast because you have to work hard during day.

Eat less food more times in a day.

Engage in brisk walking daily for 30 minutes.

You have not stated about the prescribed antidiabetic pills.


Blood sugar level , fasting or pp?


Skipping breakfast is not an option particularly if you are medicines.Go for foods that do not spike sugar level like egg,cheese,mixed sprouts and little whole grains like ragi,jowar etc

Don't skip breakfasts, have boiled vegetables or anything low carb. Reducing the intake of chapatti is a good way.

Just I take 2 eggs without bulk & sprouts for bf

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