living with diabetic nerve pain

i am diabetic for about 18 yrs now and suffer with nerves and my hands and arms hurt most of the time, what can i do to relieve some of the pain so i can sleep, when i lay really hurts..does anyone have any taking pain medicine every day and thats not not even sure its from might be something else..pls respond back...


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  • Pl consult your Doctor,Cap Met neurobion once in day may help you.

  • Get your blood sugar levels down to normal range. This is most important.

    Take Vit B12

    If not suffering from Hypothyroid, take 600mg Aplha Lipoic Acid per day.

  • anup --you saying --if some one has hypotyrodism -- and neuropathy due to uncontrolled diabetes should NOT take ALA ?

  • ALA on Hypothyroidism -- NEVER.

  • my dear

    for pain management you can go for below programe :-

    oil massage for one week with til oil/musturd oil in winter mix some kapoor there after start excercise walking jogining as per your body efficiency .

    food should be light specialy take moong it is very light to digest when your body is painful it means that your digesting power have weakened so eat light to digest food and eat before 7 to 8 oclock in the evening

    for medicine methi,kalmeghgh,chireaita ,karela etc can be taken

    mind it your body efficiency if not increased you can not overcome pain and decease.

    piyush (peeple)

  • What is your A1C for last six or nine months ? I suspect over 8.0.

    Do more exercises... start LCHF diet. No more than 100 grams NET carbs per day and no more than 30 to 40 grams per any meal.

    Take supplements Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 and d3. plus antioxidants -Vitamin C and E

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