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My right shoulder is getting very painful

Today I checked my sugar and the result is as below:

Fasting : 103

PP : 91

HbA1c : 5.89 (eAG :122) this report is done on 21July '17

For the last few months I am having acute pain on my left sholder and I am unable to hold my left hand above my shoulder. I am feeling so much pain during night.

I am taking some ayurved treatment but not getting much relief.

Have any body have such experience? and what treatment taken? would like to get any suggestion.

Thanks & regards,

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It could be frozen shoulder ,common among diabetics.Physiotherapy through weight training ater advise from a orthopedic doctor is advisable.Do not attempt anything on your own.


Could be frozen shoulder

Consult an ortho

Also have some milk with turmeric at night

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Hi suji,

Sorry to hear that you're having shoulder pain. Have you seen the doctor about a possible rotator cuff issue? I've had both rotator cuffs have horrible pain over the years. The first time I had an issue with the rotator cuff was when my right shoulder woke me out of a sound sleep 9+ years ago. At the time, my doctor sent me for physical therapy and it felt a lot better after the 6 weeks had been done. When the weather changes, I still have some stiffness, but it doesn't hurt like it had all those years ago.


Management of this disorder focuses on restoring joint movement and reducing shoulder pain, involving medications, physical therapy, and/or surgical intervention. People with diabetes, stroke, lung disease, rheumatoid arthritis, or heart disease are at a higher risk for frozen shoulder.






It could be Left Ventricle Hypertrophy,Get ECG AND Eco-cardiograph done.T2 Diabetics left ventricle tends to be dilated.

Impression- Thickening of Posterior wall in Diastole, Concentric Hypertrophy of LV Hhypertensive Heart Disease)


I am thankful to all of you for your valued suggestions/explanations.

I am under treatment from an Ayurvedic doctor, who has prescribed some medicines & oil massages which I am continuing. Effect of the treatment is very

very slow, hence I sought your suggestions.

Thanks once again & Good Night


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