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Extreme Palpitation

Hi All !

Can a diabetic patient use Dprotein? I am feeling very tired and getting palpitation on walking speedily or climbing stairs and I feel like blacking out. My sugar levels are under control with medication. I consulted pulmonologist and cardiac doctor. Angiogram was also done.They could not find anything wrong.No angioplasty was suggested.While taking food there is no taste and I have to force myself to eat.I am thinking of taking D Protein which may help me.

I am 70 years old and suffering from Diabetes for the last 30 years.

I am on medication for T2 Diabetes, cholesterol and BP

Kindly advise

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You can take D Protein.

Check your blood sugar daily and HbA1c test once in every 3 months.

Your heart muscles are starving for oxygen and other nutrients. You may be suffering from coronary artery disease. Heart scan may help to diagnose your condition.

Nonprescription aspirin (Ecosprin 75 mg) daily may prevent heart attack.

Discuss the matter with a cardiologist.









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