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Diet for diabetics

Will Quinoa help instead of rice or wheat chappathi is better?

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I have just joined this forum it's just been 2 weeks or so all I wanted was a straight jacket answer for quinoa eating nothing more

I have read a lot of articles which is always conflicting and no one has a clear answer for what is good or bad

Each expert gives different diet

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thats great but very very difficult to find out the grams for each item u eat and also on net basis especially for we South Indians as we keep eating idlis and dosas The only thing I deny myself is sugar in coffees teas and soft drinks


Good health may not be the most convenient thing, but ill-health is a lot more inconvenient.

The easiest way is to eat more natural fat, and smaller portions of everything else.


There you are.You are absolutely right


Venkat-1810 quinoa or anything... you need to reduce your carbs...and that is best strategy to control Diabetes (If you are Diabetic)... also it will you to over come many other metabolic problems such as obesity ..

Thumb rule is one should consume only 100/150 gms of carbs per day..

However, some ppl may not even tolerate even 100 Gms..so they should reduce carbs further as per tolerance..

Every individual is different..

Ayurveda always say.....mit bhuk...hit bhuk....rit bhuk.

Eat what is beneficial for you...so for a diabetic... less carbs..

Mit Buk... have control over portion size.. do not take anything in excess.. for diabetic.. in quest to control carbs they increase proteins.. which is wrong.. have control over proteins..

eat as per the season.. modify your diet as per season..

Further,alongwith carbs you need to control your fructose intake...

We always talk about carbs and mostly forget to talk about fructose..

You need to control your fruits...

Traditional south Indian style of rice cooking ws better... they use to use par boiled rice.. and never use to cook rice in Cookers like what we do now..

Traditionally ,it was practice to drain excess water from rice and used as feed to cattle..

Our grains were not modified then..

Hope this helps..


Thank you admin. You understand the south diet. You are right. We filter out par boiled rice from its water and use it. That's what I'm having daily with vegetables and sometimes fish curry also

Sambar or any other curry is needed. After the meals having a glass of buttermilk or rasam is usual . For sweat.we have small banana.

We use cocoanut oil for seasoning.

Everything is reduced now as the age increasing. I am 65 now hope to live up to 75.

That's all.

Thanks for knowledge sharing.

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Is your blood glucose under control without medication?


South people eat brown rice which nutrient, fibre than the white rice. Read the article Lybrate,

Little bit of sugar is needed. I remember from my childhood we use to drink coffee with jaggery, which is better than Sugar. Sugar is White poison because while processing it goes through 23 chemicals, I read.


I don't believe. Sugar in Iddle broken and required for the body. For the last 65 years I'm eating Idlis and Dosas. I've no problem. Sugar is controlled through exercises like walking.


Don't assume anything. I'm graduate and I have diabetes for the last 40 years. I'm taking medicine. I don;t still believe you. You are still young to reply like this. I enjoy food made at home, and still healthy. I exercise regularly, walk a lot.

When yo are matured you will get the answer for it. Forget the tensions and enjoy the life, That will give you healthy and long life,

Take care and so long.


I am from south Idlis and dosas,puttu, uppumavu are the breakfast food and ate a lop of it. But now , in the place of 10 idlis I had, now only two. We haven't seen wheat till the age of 15. Our food is Rice and rice products. We used to have jaggery from the palm tree to sweeten the coffee till the sugar appeared. We used work hard in the farm and our land till the evening My parents had diabetes but they never had any medicine till the age of 72 means till they die.

I'm not exceptional. Whatever you are eating reduce the measure and do exercises.

That is only answer and thanks for the communication. Goodnight.


No; UK.


India is becoming globally infamous for diabetes, and the condition is the same worldwide.

I'm not sure if your question was directed at Venkat-1810, who is from India?

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Yes from Mumbai but spend 6 months in the US


we mix white rice with par boiled rice.


May God bless you to live long.


Total carb or net carb? Plz give information me. If total carb is 160 and fibre is 40 than 160-40=120 is ok?




Dosa doesn't have potatoes. It has white rise+ boiled rice, ulud dal, and little fenugreek.



Quinoa has 21.3% carbs with gi of 53. So on 100 g the gl would be 21.3 x 53 = 11.3 appr. Can take judiciously. The best way is to measure bs 1 hr after whatever you eat to know its effect on your bs. Should be preferably less than 120 .


Tnx very useful input


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