Random Diets and regular exercises. Type-2 diabetes ..HbA1c was 5.7 , 5.9, 6, 6.1, 5.4, 5.7, 5.9, 6.3, 6.7, <12 (At diagnosis)

Random Diets and regular exercises. Type-2 diabetes ..HbA1c was 5.7 , 5.9, 6, 6.1, 5.4, 5.7, 5.9, 6.3, 6.7, <12 (At diagnosis)

I am so glad to announce that even if sometimes irregularly do my diets, my sugars are well controlled.. but there is no compromise on exercises. In fact, i have been increasing my strength and endurance by properly hitting the gym everyday. You can see a new fit me down in the picture ..thanks to Lord JESJUS for helping me


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  • are you under medication ? what is your age ? what is your exact HbAic at the time it diagnosed ? what is your fasting numbers now days ?

  • No i am not under medication... infact i never took medication except for 2 weeks. Right now I am 32 years old, 182 cm tall and 82 weight ...My HbA1c very high (more than 12 ) at diagnosis..nowadays my fbs are like 90 to 100 ..and pbs is 85 to 90 always ....

  • How come your ppbs is lower than fbs ? I think you need to test again to be sure , as this is not normal . Good luck & keep it up :)

  • no ...my pbs is always very smaller than the fbs.. it mite be because check my levels quite early morning after 7 hours... but it usually lower over time...

  • osho1410

    It's absolutely normal.

  • Your profile is exactly matching with mine ,age,hba1c and stopped med after 5 days ( Hba1c @11 ) .. Now its been one month since I have diagnosed and my Fasting is around 95-110 and after Meals around 120-140 ( without any medication ) .. What is diet plan and how long since you diagnosed ? How long it took yours to bring it to 5 ?

  • My diet plans will be posted soon in detail ..morning i usually go for 2 pieces of bread , 4 eggs and one apple... lunch is a bowl of rice and night i prefer chicken breasts plus a whey protein with milk as i m lifting weights..i donot how this would fit for your diets.... Yes, I brought my level to 5 after 9 months (without medication). But the moment i diagnosed type 2 diabetes, i changed my whole life style to be more healthy. My body weight is normal, i had glucose intolerance before, but nowadays it has been changed to be normal

  • thanks

  • Your BMI is 24.75 and you may try to keep up the same level.

  • thanks

  • Very encouraging post.Only thing I ca n say is,keep it up.Monitor regularly and as Mr.Nair indicated keep a watch on your weight.Age is on your side and your positive attitude is big plus factor.Cool!

  • Great

    Fasting isbound to be slightly more than PP since liver dumping happens in morning and we are insulin resistant

    Can adopt a low carb approach for better long control

    Also some liver cleanse with some green juice

    Try and see if it's possible to have thIs

    Morning freshly prepared:

    Bitter melon + Indian gooseberry + ginger juice. Add some wheat grass powder and aloe Vera

    Take for 6 mts This can iimprove fasting

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Liver dumping is there but what about the effect of food ( with no medication) which would push the bs level further since we are talking about pp reading being lower ?

  • The blood sugar in the meal should be metabolised and back to normal in less than 2 hours, so this is good.

  • thanks

  • DiabetesDestroyer

    if a diabetic can metabolize resultant sugar after the meal so easily , within 2 hrs. we will be blessed :)

  • Sanojsti,

    Don't worry ! Diabetes will not leave you. After few years it will raise gradually gradually,

    I recommend to start medicine very lightly. I was also like this. 23 years has been gone now. My HBA1C remained 6-7%.

    You are young now , you can fight with diabetes but remember ultimately diabetes will win with the passage of time.

  • i will always win... thats my will power...

  • Try!

    Good luck 😉.

  • Positive attitude is very important to fight against any disease... have you heard of epigenetics ? I can tell you in a layman's perspectives.. your thoughts can change the protein expressions related to the disease..so if you think you cannot win ultimately you ended up with that.. on the other hand, if you think you can win over, success is yours, coz finally your genes are modified as you think..this is the science behind it

  • I believe on practical SANOJSTI,which is the fact I faced in 23 years.

    Nobody has won the diabetes even ANUP.If anup leaves the LCHF diet today his diabetes will increase 💯 %.

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