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erectile dysfunction

i am 49 years male sugar patient last 20 years and suffering from erectile dysfunction from last 2 years i want to know is it curable if yes then which medicine is suitable for me for quick result

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First of all maintain your suger levels,then things may be alright.

Diabetes can be controlled/managed by a proper regulated diet and exercise. and medicines prescribed by the doctor

1. Eat every Four hours mini meals. Don't eat big meals. Take more green vegetables/salads.

2. Eat whole grain food/grains like ragi, wheat, jowar instead of refined grains like maida/ sooji/ white bread etc

3. Reduce foods with high GI Index like potato, white rice, banana, mango.

4. Avoid all forms of simple sugars like Colas, juices, sweets, cakes, biscuits, pizzas, noodles etc.

5. Eat daily fruits with low/medium GI index like apple, guava, mosambi, orange.

6. Eat lot of proteins like dals, sprouts, egg, chicken etc with every minimeal.

7. Drink lot of water. One glass every hour.

8. Do at least 30-45 mins of exercise every day.


It happens to Diabetics. But your partner must urge for foreplay to get you excited. Nevertheless you may use Megalis 10 (Tadalafil) for three weeks . Let us know how you feel .

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As clv1950 suggested, get your sugars, diet and exercise in order.

1. How are your stress levels?

2. Get your testosterone levels checked

3. Good to go see a doctor, nothing to be embarrassed of, every diabetoligist/endocrinologist can give advise.

4. I would NOT advise you to start Tadalafil or Viagra without seeing a doctor. You may often need a cardiac evaluation before you start these. The associated risk is not worth it, until a consultation.

5. If you want to experiment or try herbal supplements - some options, Gokshura tabs (Himalaya)/ Youvnamrit Vati (Patanjali), ashwagandha/Shilajit are some options.

Good luck, feel better.


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