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Sugar level changes without Diets and without Meds

Plasma Glucose (F) 169 mg/dl, Plasma Glucose (PP) 229 mg/dl. GGTP 376 as I'm regular drinker. Sorry. This is on 14.01.2017

But as on 148 Fasting, PP 248 (Those days I was heavy stressed)

Today Fasting : 100

And I am now planning to go Hbac1

I'm I diabetic? Why so much changes in between those few months not changing that much lifestyle. I just don't eat potato and sugary things.

Btw, my Hba1c during 02*02*17 was 8.6

Today my doctor told me nothing to worry about but still, I'm curious to know why differ labs has different range to diagnose diabetes.

Or Should I start medicine old?

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Fasting level for one day could be due to previous day diet etc. Monitor and report your readings on 4-5 consecutive days. HbA1C is a good indicator. Repeat after 3 months gap.

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Use medicine for diabetes please.

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"Btw, my Hba1c during 02*02*17 was 8.6

Today my doctor told me nothing to worry about.."

There is need to worry. A1c is a better indicator of overall bs control.

"Should I start medicine old?" You have two options.

1) Start your meds. as before.

2) IDM and wait. No meds. now.

3) 2nd option is better imho.


Thanks for input. I took tablet 1 week during Jan, 2017 and after, I left meds. My stress level is okay now and my sugar level is 100 before food.

So, Is it better to take medicine or try to control it by diet pls.

Not yet done a1c till now, I'm planning to do it today.



You must know your D control. A1c get it done. Only then you will know. But take low carb diet


Go for HbA1C. Consult doctor and reduce carb.Stop drinking. It is the biggest blunder.Thanks


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