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Lowering my blood sugar level and glouse metre validity

Lowering  my blood sugar level and glouse metre  validity

Dear all friends

I am first up all thanks to all this club member & special for Anup Sir .

I am following LCHF last 1.5 years and my blood sugar normal control .but still in high .Before LCHF my sugar level is FP -260 & After food -320 ,but now is FP-125 -145 & After food -160 -170.Still I want control but not able to down this below level .Presently I taken medicine at mooring 500 mg metafioan after breakfast & after dinner 850 mg metafiaon ,before dinner 2 mg Glp.and regularly go walking at evening as 1 hours or 4 km .

Further when at check at 6 .30 am with my gluose meter 145 but at lab same time it shown that 175 .why is different /? This machine purchase last 5 years i was using regularly .Whether this is machine is or or required to change .?

I need all your advice and comments please how to lower my sugar level as below 100.

Thanks & Regards


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I hope that you have understood the real meaning of LCHF diet, that been said you also have to restrict the quantity of the food intake, for example besan is good for diabetics but that does not mean you can have 10 chillas made from besan. I hope you get the point.

If you are really following LCHF diet and also medicines then there is no reason your BS numbers should be high.



It's a normal phenomenon that both readings are different. Glucomter checks capillary blood sugar - before utilization by the tissues and lab reports, venous blood - after glucose is utilized by the tissues. Usually glucometer readings are higher than lab upto 20 or more. Also the sugar readings taken at two different times also differ very much. Glucose readings are not static.



1. Reduce carbs in your diet.. eat small portions, frequently.

2. Remain active through the day. Take 10min brisk walk after every major meal.

3. Go for 30min walk once in the day. Morning brisk walk for 30min does lot of good.

An intelligent combination of diet and exercise will go a long way... all the best!


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