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Blood Sugar Level 295 after Breakfast and 2 and half hour before it is 250

Blood Sugar was diagnosed 3 Months before. My parents also have Sugar. Doctors recommended insulin therapy for me. But I can't regularly used it according to direction of the physician. Before 3 days, suddenly I checked my blood sugar level it's rise upto 390. Now I'm very much worried. I used milky as well as junk food or other sort of food which are dangerous for my health but I can't stop it. I hate to use insulin injection as well. How I control this situation?

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Hi Vampire_sBlood,

Welcome to the group. Feel free to continue posting postings, comments, asking questions, commenting on other members postings/comments, taking the polls and also, meet the rest of the group members.

As for your posting question, are you type 1 or type 2? Are you on any other medication for diabetes or other medical issues? Have you asked your doctor what they want you to try to lower your blood sugar? Were you told about carb counting?

Please check out the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation website for the free leaflet for "Exercise and Diabetes" and "A Healthy Diet and Diabetes". All leaflets are downloadable. You can read/listen to them anytime. Go to: drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your kind information. I have type 2 Diabetes

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What's "milky"?


sugar levels above 200 even for sometime can damage the organs .... u have to control your diet drink 2tbs of olive oil before sleep and 2 tbs right after waking up and the breakfast time after taking oilve oil should be minimum 2 hours and you'll notice a great drop in sugar levels in few days now with that considering your sugar levels are very high

Kalonji, Takham sars, Gond keekar, tamba khusk (hanzal/bitter melon dried) take 10 grams of each herb equal quantity mix them into fine powder and fill big zero size capsule or take 1 gram of this powder morning and evening.... you won;t have to take insulin and write your results after one week of use and everything will be available in herbal store in india


and if you're a type 1 then insulin but from what i can see you're type 2


No one likes insulin pricks, but it is a necessary devil with which one should shake hands in some instances. I m on it twice a day for over 2 decades. Good luck.




So sorry to hear about you. You seem to have accepted taking two shots daily.

Have you tried managing your D with diet plans ?


Read Dr. Richard K. Bernstiens book on diabetes, he too is a diabetic. It's a way to eat and a way to live. It really works!

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