Himalaya Diabecon or Glucocare available in Europe outside the UK?

I have been ordering Diabecon and Diabecon DS from a supplier in Lithaunia (Nature's Medicine) who has gone out of business all of a sudden...so I am looking for reliable suppliers of any of these two products, or Glucocare, in Europe outside the UK (sources on Amazon only seem to deliver to the UK). Diabecon and Glucocare, as far as I know, do not contain any illegal substances, so there should be no problem having them delivered to any country in Europe...I have been doing really well on Diabecon and Diabecon DS (not diabetic but pre-diabetic), but would be perfectly willing and happy to try Glucocare instead as that seems to contain the same ingredients...although it seems very difficult to find a supplier in Europe for either Diabecon and Glucocare. So any input would be greatly appreciated!

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  • What does your doctor suggest about the change of medication? Does he/she know of a generic brand for the Diabecon? If there isn't a generic that can be used, please check with your doctor about this issue, first. You don't want to have any complications because of a new medication being started.

  • My doctor wanted me on Metformin which I'd prefer not to take as I am a little wary of possible side effects...on Diabecon, my fasting blood sugar and insulin levels have normalised, which is why I'd prefer taking them. It's a supplement, so not illegal in any way; therefore, I don't understand why it seems so difficult to find someone shipping it to Europe...

  • himalayastore.com/allproduc...

    you may try this on line store

  • Thanks! I emailed Himalaya to ask about Diabecon availability in Europe.

  • I found another supplier of Diabecon shipping worldwide from India...one bottle of Diabecon (60 pills) costs 57€ (ca 48 GBP)...but if that is the only way to get it, I will have to consider that.

  • you canwait for response from himalaya or order on line .They should be able to courrier.

  • From where...?

  • from on line store of himalaya

  • I purchased from i-herb


  • Thanks:-)

  • Price is just too high. It costs perhaps 2-4 euros in india. As there r loads of indians in UK u might want them to get duringg home travel few bottles or ask some known to post from india if thats possible or welcome to india make a vacation plan to some yoga retreat here along with purchasing loads for few years.. i shall be in india in feb first week and can try to post if u want.

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