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Diabetics having chest pain

In a diabetic having heart attack, there is chest pain, but this pain is different in nature than in a non-diabetic. This pain is often mistaken for other conditions such as indigestion. this is because of diabetic neuropathy, damaging the nerves controlling the heart and also the chest and back muscles. This can cause delay in seeking help and this can be dangerous.

Also diabetics are twice or thrice as likely to have a heart attack, as a non-diabetic. Thus the danger is further increased.

So PLEASE be careful, take immediate steps if there is any discomfort. It may literally save your life.

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Some doctors have hypothesised that heart disease results from the inflammation of abnormally high insulin/IGF-1, so while diabetes is the extreme of the condition, insulin resistance is common to most atherosclerosis, even undiagnosed.


You are right, champak045, the Calcium Score test is an effective non-invasive test and seems to be under utilised.


I am having ten years old Diabetics. Recently in Aug 2017 i went for a Annual medical check up of my orgn where TMT stress test was done (being above 40 age) and although i walked well still the graph shown was border level positive, so i was told to take a Cardiac consultation. I went to a cardiologist who did not find anything positive from the TMT report graphs and as i am a age old diabetics he suggested me to go for a CT Coronary Angiogram where it shown a block of 85-90 %. I got surprised how come it is possible as i walk 40 minutes (3.4 Kms) , take up stair case upto 6th floor and never complained of chest pain or sweating. The doctor simply said in case of diabetics it is like that. I am sacred and immediately went for Angioplasty now.


Have you already done the angioplasty?


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