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Diabecon availability in Europe?

For the past year, I have been using Diabecon and Diabecon DS with great results. I was diagnosed with insulin resistance a couple of years ago (fasting blood sugar and insulin levels in range but close to upper normal range). According to my doctor, that could explain why I found it so difficult to lose weight. I was put on Metformin, took it for a while and, although it helped, I was a bit afraid of the possible side effects, especially in the long run. So I switched to Diabecon and have been on it ever since.

I have lost weight and fasting blood sugar and insulin levels look great.

However, lately, it has been difficult to order Diabecon. When I have contacted sellers I have previously ordered from, they tell me they can no longer get it. I ended up contacting the manufacturer, Himalaya, and was told Diabecon has never been available outside of India...which I know for a fact not to be true, as I have previously ordered it from sellers in Europe and the US.

Is there anyone here from Europe who takes Diabecon and has had problems lately ordering it?

Diabecon being a supplement, and not a prescription drug,I don't understand why it would no longer be available.

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Gluco Care and diabecon has the same composition as far as I know and both are by Himalaya. Gluco Care is by HImalaya USA. It is available in Amazon .Com and many other Online shopping. You may try. I have used Gluco Care while in USA

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Thanks for the tip! Are/were you happy with Gluco Care?


I used only on vial. Returned to India and then used diabecon. Gluco care is as good as diabecon. You can find many reviews in Amazon

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