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My daughter is 6 years old diagnosed with type 1 jst a month ago. She got diagnosed unfortunately when she had DKA. She was better after a week of hospitalisation but 10 days ago she had fever and when i chkd her ketones there were traces. Her sugar level was between 60 to 80 even after heavy meals. After 3 days her fever was gone but i still see traces of ketones. Now her sugar is rising n is between 150 to 230. Plz suggest me what should i do for ketones and how to manage sugar as i give her proper doses of insulin


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  • Check through this success story of mother of a 10 year old type 1 daughter of a registered MD with 11 years clinical experience:


    Ketones are bad only when they exceed a limit ie Diabetic Keto Acidosis. This can occur in absence of insulin and before DKA, sugar levels would already have reached sky high.

    Regarding insulin dosing, it has to be based on carbs and proteins in meal.

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