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Diabetes type 2 for 20years

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Taking repaglinide now..5, 1, and.5 mg daily. Fasting sugar remains 150_170 range. Ppabove250 normally. Hbaicremains more or less7-7.5 Any suggestions please

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Repaglinide is used to treat type 2 diabetes (condition in which the body does not use insulin normally and, therefore, cannot control the amount of sugar in the blood). Repaglinide helps your body regulate the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood. It decreases the amount of glucose by stimulating the pancreas to release insulin.

You should try to maintain FBS less than 100 mg/dL, PPBS less than 140 mg/dL and HbA1c less than 6.5%. If you learn more about diabetes and its complications, you can achieve the above target.

Do not consume food after 8:00 pm.

Eat less food more times in a day.

Engage in brisk walking daily for about 30 minutes.

Adopt diabetic diet.

You should undergo the following tests periodically.

A: HbA1c. HbA1c is a lab test that shows the average level of blood sugar (glucose) over the previous 3 months. It shows

how well you are controlling your diabetes.

B: Control your high Blood pressure, if any. Normal blood pressure- <120/80 mmHg.

C: Control your blood Cholesterol: Normal cholesterol < 200 mg/dL. LDL <100 mg/dL HDL > 40 mg/dL Triglyceride < 150 mg/dL.

D: Diabetic education. Dental check-up should be done in every 6 months.

E: Eye examination for glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and cataract.

F: Foot examination

G: Glucose monitoring. Fasting or postprandial blood sugar may be checked daily and avoid foods that elevates blood sugar.

H: Health maintenance immunization against influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia.

I: Indications for specialty care. Heart, kidney, thyroid and eye should be checked periodically by concerned specialists.







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Csvenkatasubramanian in reply to gangadharan_nair

Thank your for your advice . I will certainly follow it

What is LCHF diet?

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DRH-sangliStar in reply to Csvenkatasubramanian

It's Low carb High Fat diet..find recipes from here. Many have benefited.. I am one of them. I am now 66,diabetic for over 25 years but maintaining HBa1c. less than 6.0 for years due to LCHF.It has reduced my medicines to large extent and no major complications.. give a try to LCHF.. you will be certainly benefitted..Its a healthy lifestyle..

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Jaybeebala in reply to DRH-sangli

Can you please tell me what you eat everyday? I am a diabetic for 23 years and Alc is around 7 now

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DRH-sangliStar in reply to Jaybeebala

@Jaybeebala...My entire diet was given here few days back.. pls search my posts( my status) by clicking on my name..restriction of carb is important.. find low carb recipes.. there are many

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Csvenkatasubramanian in reply to DRH-sangli

Today my doctor changed my medicine. Before breakfast gluconorm G2 1tab and gluconormG1 before supper

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My diet is pretty good. Been on insulin for the last 11 years.My problem is eating sweets when eating out or travelling.Any advice on how to control sugar cravings ?

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DRH-sangliStar in reply to Jaybeebala

@Jaybeebala...You said your diet is good... then how come your A1c is 7...... You need to reduce it Upto at least 6....to avoid complications later...this would need diet change and lifestyle management... intermittent fasting may help.. may be your insulin dose is causing cravings for sugar...may need reduction in insulin intake...

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Last alc was 6.9

Diet is good for sugar control as long as i follow it.problem is eating out or when i travel. Insulin leads to hypos sometimes when i then load up on carbs ! Willpower or lack of it is my prob .i also adjust insulin accoring to the carb load in the meal to be taken.Thanks for your input

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could you please inform me what is LCHF diet?

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thanks dear friend for your best advice, I will keep it up

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