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I am 75 years old and started using BGR-34 for the 4 months . After one month of using & checking the levels the blood sugar levels remained fasting at 110 for fasting and after lunch 140. Unknowingly I started taking black raisins and blue berries and the sugar levels to fasting 165 and post lunch 225 . Immediately I stopped and within one week the sugar levels come back to normal. How long I should continue the usage of BGR-34 to see metabolic change in my system. Nori Ramamohan Rao


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  • Diet is the most important aspect in diabetes control

    No amount of medicines will work if you don't tame the diet

    Better adopt reducing the carbohydrates content of your food to gain good control

  • NOR-24

    I don't think bgr is helping you. Only diet management can help you. I fully agree with shashi.

  • Thank you for your valuable advice .

  • Control your test first. Once that is controlled check carb. Your problem is going to be solved .Thanks.

  • Thank you very much for your kind valuable suggestion and i shall follow strict diet regimen .

  • NOR-24

    First get fbs and fasting insulin reports done to get your bcf and IR. That will help you to plan your diet in a better way.

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