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ir I am 68 years old. I am effected diabetic more than 10years and undergoing alopathic medicine. My sugar varies from 120 and some times it goes up to 200 but most of the time the level is almost near to specific reading. If start IME-9 can the sugar level will always will be in controlled or rather with in the specified limit. Can I stop the English medicine what I am taking now. What is the dosage I should take and how long I should continue this. I have BP also and the level is up to 140 to 145 and having medicines. I feel always feel laziness and tiredness . Feeling so much weakness. I have no enough energy to do the routine. Can these problems get solved. What is the cost of the medicines for one month use and how long I should continue to be in normal position. Is there any side effect on consuming this pills . Mainly I want to get ride of weakness and laziness and want to be an energetic man. Will it be helpful with your medicine+

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Forget pills and potions. This is the easy route you are seeking and it just does not work.

The ONLY thing that will make an impact on your life is yourself, and that means changing and yes, giving up the diet that has got you to where you are now.




I agree with Anup sir And Mr Mike .Please come to LCHF .Diet is first than exercise and lastly medicine. Follow the wave sight suggested by Anup and Mike .Thanks

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