I am diabetic since 1983 but controlled sugar up to 150/ Right foot numb and constipation. use Jhandu Nitiyum daily/

For controlling sugar level I am using Debista Gm and Pregeb M 75. I have to use nitiyum churan for constipation.

I need advise whether I should change the medicine or continue with the same medicine. I need the medicine for the improvment of nerves.

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  • I have given my position I need the experienced person or doctor who can advise to improve the nerves. If I need to change the medicine he can suggest whatever is good for me. I am 71 years old..

  • Pls chk your HbA1c as a measure of knowing your diabetes control status.

    Numbness in foot is a diabetic complication unless you have an injury in foot. Even in such case be careful and immediately consult the doctor about it. It can lead to complications.

    However for your constipation take this simple remedy.

    CCF tea after meals.

    Take 1/4 tsp in equal quantity of

    1. Jeera seeds

    2. Saunf seeds

    3. Dhania seeds

    boil for two minutes, simmer add fresh lemon for taste and pinch of black salt.

    Drink the tea and chew its contents. Do not add milk/tea leaves etc.

    This should give you good relief, it will also help in constipation & Diabetes.

    Tale 20ml amla juice with 1/2 tsp of haldi powder empty stomach for nerves.


  • Take 5 fresh karupathai leaves 3 times a day. monitor ur sugar level every 2 weeks and let me know in this site.

  • Hi yrahuja1942,

    30 years of Diabetes! I salute you such a senior diabetic. I can not imagine suffering this illness for such a long period. I had it only for three years. By then I expelled it.

    It is felt that I had some discussion with you in this forum earlier. How is your diabetes now? Are you happy with the improvements by following the suggestions here? If you are not satisfied, please have a look at my experience with Diabetes & LWMDR

    healthunlocked.com/diabetes... MY POST 1

    healthunlocked.com/diabetes... MYPOST2 OGTT1

    healthunlocked.com/diabetes... MYPOST3 OGTT2

    healthunlocked.com/diabetes... MYPOST4 GRAPH OF OGTT1&2

    appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... B S test results numerical representation

    appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... B S test results graphical representation

    appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... LWMDR

    appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Pictures for comparison, Preparing LWM

    appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Name in different languages

    If you are interested we will discuss after you give your FBS, 2-Hr-PPBS & HbA1c results. Also tell age, height, weight, medicines & dosages, details of food/drink intake like what, when & how much from one morning to next morning; that only will give a picture of your state for me to give you some specific advice.

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