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Strange feeling after Meals

Controlling DM2 with just diet and exercise.

I will have limited intake of MEAL ( Half what I used to take in those days ), from last few days I am trying hard to stay normal with this restricted diet.

Today I took 2 Chapathy as LUNCH ( medium size ) at my PPBS reading as follows

00 Mins - > 87

60 Mins -> 158

120 mins -> 112

but around 150 mins ( BG - 106 ) I Started to feel tired and hungry and not able to concentrate on work

but Resisted the hungry and tiredness.

After another 15 Mins.

I started feeling better and my tiredness was gone and my hunger disappeared

I check my BG @ it was 116 ( up from 106 ). I was almost back to normal but after some 30 mins I started feeling tired and symptoms back, I checked BG it was 108 again and this cycle happened few hours and BG levels went up every time I felt relief, this cycle continued and and I finally had some snacks to stop this.

I am trying to figure why it is happening,

I can only think of LIVER DUMP but 108 109 are not hypo numbers, and I am also guessing my Body Now Thinking 100's are my new Lowest BG levels and trying to compensate with liver dump.

anybody experienced the similar thing?

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I think you should have snack after two hours of each meal.



Previously, this is used to happen when my BG around 120's some weeks ago, and now its happening at 100's ,

I am intentionally trying to push my body's to new lows so that by body can feel Normal BG around 80's and stabilise at this number as BASE NUMBER .

I am trying not to eating anything till my BG reaches 80's , so that My Body can sense the new LOW's and learn to manage.

When I started to control BG , I Never came to 120's thought out day than I started fasting till I reacch 120's with exercise

I tried this method when I my Post meal numbers started settling at 120's after 3-4 hrs and FBS around 115-125 .. Now I will not feel any FALSE HYPO @120's

My thinking is , With High BG over the period till now MY BODY Control System forgetting that 80's are normal range ..

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Your number used to be higher so your body got adjusted to higher level of sugar. Now as numbers are getting lower you are having symptoms of hypo at higher glucose level. As your body gets adjusted to lower numbers this hypo feeling will disappear.


Did you talk to your doctor about this before starting the tightening up of the blood sugar control, BangaloreMate? If not, please let the doctor know what is going on to be on the safe side.


My Doctor is very busy and one of the top most endo in bangalore , he hardly gives 10 mins only for one visit

I tried to explain him he said eat many meals and keep taking medicines. ( his suggestion is no use ) ..

I have not told my doctor that I stopped medicines after few days ( at first doctor visit my HBa1c was @11.2 and fasting 211) . He offered medicines and asked me to meet after 30 days , BY that time I already stopped medicines.

After 30 days I went with new HBA1c report 8.2 & fasting 99 ( down from 11.2 ) , I did not tell him that I stopped medicines and pull down Hba1c and fasting with just diet and exercise.

He believed that change was due to his medicine and he appreciated me for strictly following medicines (LOL) . Then I asked him to reduce medicines, he refused to do it , asked me continue medicines otherwise this 8.1 will go back to 11's .

I don't want to tell him that I stopped Medicines and let him feel proud of his medicines whenever I show progress report at every visit.


You are experimenting on your body,which seems to be unfair,run in the constant speed you will achieve /traverse some distance slow and steady.otherwise will launch in a precarious conditions.



Your problem has two facets.

1) high carb diet. 2 chapathy size ? Well it would be 50-70 g carb from chapathy only. Insulin spikes and when insulin level drops you feel hunger pains. Liver tries to bring up the bs level. Take coconut or dry fruits or something bland that will keep you full and not raise your bs. Reduce carbs and add good fats. Will keep your insulin levels low. No hunger and you will keep full for a longer time. Taking food frequently is a bad advice.

2) give time to your body to adapt to the new fuel - ketones from carbs.

Gud luk.

Keep posting to let us know if the advice works. Hope you understand lchf concept. Comparing from previous food intake is of no use. Go by actual figures.


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