Further to my reply to the properties of water post "Does Water Have a Fourth Phase...' I've done a little research and found a sub-species that has evolved to be even more efficient at travelling across water. It has four pairs of legs, with the hind two used for propulsion - the fore two for balance. Although bulky in appearance it is light in actuality, with air spaces between muscles and ligaments, large lungs and a bone structure similar to the lacunae of bird skeletons. It's rather like being foam filled.

Videos of it in action can be seen on youTube.

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  • How does it helps to bring down blood sugar????

  • Well apart from being able to run across water Basilisk lizard blood has the same water content as a human being which enables it to consume insects with abandon. Basilisk lizards are never diabetic.

  • Do they practice birth control?

  • No, they have a primary nest with up to 35 eggs and a decoy nest set aside for predators - the logic being they would be sated by the decoys, which are constantly replenished, whilst the real nest is being guarded and incubated. Hence the insatiable appetite for insects and a stable blood sugar!

  • No intermittent fasting ????

  • Birth control with Homeopathic medicines???

  • How do you know? Proof

  • Thanks for a laugh! I needed it as I'm feeling particularly awful with a bad chest infection. I have measured my blood sugar level four times in the last week, and each time it is up! I'm eating hardly anything due to feeling sick, and I've lost at least two pounds in weight. Can the raise in bg be due to the infection? Sorry to drag the mood back to illness and misery.

  • Yes. Sickness and infection tend to shoot up blood sugar levels.

    Wish you speedy recovery.

  • Wish you speedy recovery jan-ran are very nice soul....may God keep you ever smiling and healthy....

  • Jan

    yes. Infection.

    I also eat very less but still my bs remains high. God knows where the sugar comes from.

    My wishes with you. Get well soon.

  • Thanks you guys! Now I'm smiling....

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