Conflicting Interests? Moi?

There was a recent insulting post put up here suggesting that independent researchers pushing back against the current dietary guidelines are somehow inferior to the various government bodies who tell us what the best course is re diet and medication.

This type of appeal to authority is the supine attitude that has got us to where we are now, with people walking out of an obese doctor's surgery with a prescription held in a reassured hand and who don't get better. If they were plumbers they'd be sued!

Anyway, have a little look at this:

If in doubt - FOLLOW THE DOLLAR!


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  • No amount of scientific talks is going to change that attitude. It's their habit since 2013. Perhaps just fed up that LCHF has kept growing, despite their best efforts to run it down, so much so that even a media house stood up and took notice to run a story -- with yours truly and few other Indian diabetic on LCHF diet quoted:

    They don't want to discuss science. Now, let them insult the magazine also. Abuses and insults don't stick. They just demean them-self. Ask them a pertinent question and they never answer specifically. All answers are like beating around the bush completely devoid of any science. Ask them again and you get insulted. That's the "so predictable" behavioral pattern. If nothing works, scare mongering starts. But, even that failed in all these years. then they start forming a gang and operate as gang. Even that failed.

    Fanboys of industry (read $$$$) spun science will never understand real science. It's just beyond them.

  • Its a huge list Mike...

  • Let number of followers on profile spell the success. Numbers don't lie. Yes, it is not a forum for LCHF only. We understand that. I have said it too here:

  • 8 million diabetics on vegan diet?

    BTW, this follower feature started only around 15 months back. It wasn't there earlier. Yet, comparison with those who have been active for all three years (i have been inactive for around 1.5 years) shows what's being followed.

    Show some example of hate messages from me against you. On popularity -- 38% of my posts are popular too, with last 13 out of 14 being popular :)

  • Ok by that count, according to a survey, around 3 million in UK alone were on Atkins. I am sure extrapolating to entire world will throw up a huge number just for Atkins, which in maint phase converges to LCHF more or less.

    Unless you provide any live post/reply of a hate message from me to you, I wouldn't take that allegation seriously.

  • Navin, this is the basic problem. Those who talk against LCHF presume things and then point fingers.

    Here's the survey (not a LCHF News Broadcasting Corporation outfit) and mind you this is 13 years back. Number could be higher in 2016 :)

    So, do you still insist that the data is supplied by people who have interest in LCHF or would you like to correct that shot in the dark?

    You can be very sure, I don't manufacture data from thin air, but you just presumed that I am quoting from some LCHF news broadcasting outfit. This is where problems start.

  • Company going bankrupt has no relation with people following Atkins.

    Does it say they left it? If I were to cherry pick, I would say WIKI is not even considered a reliable source for citing in any dissertation by US universities. But, I didn't.

    Oh BTW, Dr Bernstein follows modified Atkins where he jumps straight to the diet. No phases. He treats his patients with same diet.

  • Check my edited reply wrt Bernstein. If you do not believe that, Check the video where Dr Bernstein himself says that. Dr Jay Wortman is another -- 12 year as type 2 and yet drug free.

  • What is that? Links to mumbaimirror site. If it is some url for veganism, pl fix that and be ready for a TOI counter from me :)

  • Aah Pramod Tripathi.

    10K for a session?

    Without spending a penny on consultation, @Bhaskaran Pillai went of all drugs with 2 decades of diabetic history. When I say all drugs it includes diabetes, lipids, neuropathy. He only eats low carb and high fat -- all the cheese, all the dairy and all the good fat :)

    But, now for media versus media --

    Yours truly also there with few others on LCHF too. They found me thru google. It's RP Goenka media group magazine. So, not just followers here, in media too, as a proponent of LCHF in India. And, I don't make money like Tripathi. It's social service for me.


  • Tripathi is a rehash of Barnard.

    His full prog costs a bomb -- 10K

    We do LCHF FREE.

    In fact I spend huge money from pocket :)

  • @anup @navinsinha

    The 6 day residential program conducted by Dr. Tripathi costs about Rs. 20-25k. That's peanuts compared to what Dr. Nandita Shah of Sharan charges for a 21 day health retreat conducted at a luxury resort in Gokarna - Rs. 3.6 lacs per head. Dr. Tripathi is poor man's Dr. Nandita Shah. :D

    But I personally don't hold it against them if they make money, as long as the attendees are benefited from their programs. I have seen a lot of people testifying about the efficacy of these programs.

  • navinsinha I would never deny anyone his/her personal experience(backed my medical reports of course), regardless of the diet they follow, be it LCHF, complex carbs based diet or LW.

  • Navinsinha

    good that you got rid of D. Can we all know about your diet?

  • By the way navin even if you bring 100 thousand examples eating sugar and reversing diabetes i won't touch sugar. These are old tactics to mesmerise the people as if the propagator is hercules or say rajnikant. I never look at those who try to impress people by hyperbolic statements.

    If you are overawed by the guy who advises to "take sugar " first please stop for a while, think and then go ahead.

    Truth never need such hypes to prove itself. Sugar is also against your low gi low gl diet. Even if anybody has reversed his/her D and consumes sugar the reversal will revert again. We are humans and not miraculous people.

    Yes who has to speak big unnatural things is surely not a right person.

  • Navin



    This World Health Day, Tehseen Mehdi, a 41-year-old businesswoman, shares how she successfully reversed the life-crippling condition of diabetes.

    He stood before us confidently and said, "If someone holds out two spoons before you, one filled with sugar and the other with milk, take the former." A loud cry of surprise was followed by a long silence, not to mention the stares of bewilderment and confusion. Dr Promod Tripathi was addressing a group of diabetic patients, and I was one of them, hanging on to each and every word. "

    I was referring to your post.

  • Honestly by sending that number you are achieving nothing. This is a diabetes forum. So shoot some number of diabetics on VEGAN and publish their numbers and drugs reduction pattern.

    Forum are not something that are to be dissed, specially if the number is on diabetes forum and about diabetics on a given diet.

    Dr Unwin's study of the LCHF diabetics on some "Forum" had got him some award from BMJ, IIRC.

  • Also, even of any govt publishes, it will only be sample based extrapolation like the election OPINION Polls.

    So diabetic forums are the place where you get to see a better representation of "actual" scenario.

  • Yes, in that case let the years of medical reports of each do the talking.

    See how many times I have mentioned about "science of medical reports" and each time "they" just avoid or quickly change their course of discussion.

  • Give me a huge set of data and I can do statistical analysis to prove anything once I start doing cherry picking. Remeber the fudged Sydney diet heart study that proved PUFA better than SFA by dumping non conforming data tapes to a garage in Australia?

    Also, which veganism is this? One with or without fish oil?

    Also, vegans have a higher changes of neurological problems. All cause mortality, I have already quoted studies that vegans/vegetarians have no advantage over non vegetarians.

    I know of two Indian supermoms who have put their Type 1 child on LCHF diet.

    Bottom line: Out here we are mostly focusing on how to deal with our diabetes.

  • I never said "YOU". Navin that's the problem as I said. People cherry pick my words :)

    All I am saying is, we are here fighting our diabetes. I have only been talking against ADA's nonsensical diet and present LCHF as an alternative as someone who has lived thru this for more than half a decade now. I learned from other diabetics and I am just passing the same back to society in return.

    I quoted Sydney Diet Heart study as an example of what cherry picking can do. Decades down the line, when the dumped data was recovered, and merged it was found that SFA is far better than PUFA.

  • Sir, the term veganism doesn't correctly describe the Neal Barnard diet that you are following. One can be a vegan, and yet have the unhealthiest eating habits. A can of coke, a packet of french fries, a veg sub and a doughnut is a vegan meal too!

    And technically, a vegan can be on LCHF. LCHF doesn't necessarily mean non vegetarian. :)

  • Ornish's veganism recommends fish oil. :)

  • I didn't say Dr. Barnard's diet is against veganism. It's a small subset of vegan diet.

    Technically, taking animal fats is not necessary for LCHF. There are plant based sources of healthy fats too.

  • Sir ji, you are probably not aware of what subset means.

    Dairy products are a good source of good fats, but not the only source. Hint : coconut oil.

    But in your new combative avatar, aap kisi ki sunane ke mood mein nahi hain :D

  • Do it by all means, Sir. I am not against vegan diet. (Not that it really matters to you.)

  • Do you think when I was at cross roads in 2011, i wouldn't have looked at everything?

    From Feb 11 to June 11, I was almost trying everything as my goal was not to take DRUGS. Finally I settled with LCHF. At some stage, if needed I would switch to Keto range just to stay away from drugs as far as I can. In fact, I have already started my trials with keto. In and out of permanent nutritional ketosis.

    I knew nothing about diabetes in Feb 2011, but now I know quite a lot, enough to give any diabetologist a run for his or her money provided they don't start throwing the weight of their degrees around and are willing to talk science.

    First three years, I have had talks with many doctors in my city. Discussions always ended with them cursing the internet.

    It was always almost similar to how John A. McDougall insulted Jimmy Moore recently in a podcast. I read that John A. McDougall blocks anyone who talks against veganism.

    Kindly see the subscribers on wrt popularity of LCHF too. What started as one man army and my posts were called "Specualtive Blogging" HERE has now grown into what it is today. It grows every day now :)

  • I will be there without charging 25K :)

    if in 40+ years it has reached where it is today (general and not just non diabetics), it's growth is too stunted. LCHF as a lifestyle people switch after tying everything, In fact, we have a cse of someone who failed with LW and now wants to be helped with LCHF.

    Also, remember, the playing field isn't even same. Veganism is just going by the lie that FAT causes CVD. We are going against that and still succeeding.

    In any case, I am sure you must be aware that I am not pitching LCHF against Veganism. Anu Vupala was a diabetic on Vegan in US for six or seven years. She finally switched to hit A1C of non diabetic and finally moved to Keto diet -- extreme version of LCHF - to really get the insulin shots down.

  • Talks of China study -- Bible of veganism -- from 18 minutes onward. We believe FAT is good. My success stories are picked up not from youtube and elsewhere. In fact, we are past that stage where we have to look at google now.

  • Which population?

    Moment Vegan discussion comes, China study is what most fall back to.

  • Everything works in 3 months off from ADA's nonsense, because weight invariably falls.

  • Well, just today one post menopausal women went of Insulin and is landing normal PPBS within 3 months. She reduced carbs gradually so took longer. In fact, she has been off from insulin since more than a month and gradually cutting down carbs.

    20 units less sales of insulin because of a lady realizing that CARBS are the problem and not the solution. She posted her success story around 15 minutes back. She is from Mumbai too :)

    TVMP (again Mumbai) cut off 50 points insulin and he found carbs to be the major problem and cutting it off drastically got the insulin down by a whopping 50 units a day from 70 to 20.

    Mchinna cut off close to 25 units in less than a week even after 2+ decades of diabetes history and horrible numbers. Started getting one of the best numbers in decades after realizing that carbs are the problem and not the solution..

    All three are cases on LCHF diet. I let these things do the talking and then let users take a call whether premise is right or wrong. If I express opinion without these cases, no one would take me seriously as they have all been living with the lie that FAT is bad. :)

    Want more?

  • LIPIDS improve on LCHF unless a case of FH. People have gone off statins too after switching to LCHF diet.

    kkjng has halted his worsening of kidney with lchf and been so for 3 years now.

    So, where's the side effect?

  • When you use words like "RANT" it should be clear to you by now, that I avoid guys who start getting personal. If you expect replies from me, reciprocate the way I talk to you. Whether you believe or not, facts don't change. Shows who has been trying to attack me persistently.

    You can join the other three or four guys who have made provoking guys on LCHF their favorite pass time. They achieved nothing in 3 years, but you will have company.

    Looks like your focus is to gain attn by attacking LCHF, just like them. You can be very sure that by doing that you will only be helping in growth of LCHF. Thank you for that in advance.

  • who is "his"? or just trolling?

  • yes .They have the monopoly of those words .

  • ragivrao

    LCHF's significance is evident from the numbers of successes. Let them and their numbers do the talking. LCHF is no more "Speculative Blogging" that "someone" (was it you who said that?) called it as in 2013, despite two years of my own experience with data.

    ADA's (USDA) diet is nonsense as evident from the epidemic. Doesn't need a PhD to get hold of that. Our mind is very clear so no, it's not a contradiction. The results prove it.

    Hey, one more LCHF success that I never even knew -- the person who accidentally had istamet overdose y'day. Yes, this also shows that anything works when one goes off the nonsensical ADA diet for three months as it has been around three months on LCHF diet. It's the long-term where it matters the most.

    In three months, his A1C dropped from 13+ to 6.1. Now he has to go off the gliptins and yet get down to 5.6 or lower in the "LONG RUN". See there? So, when I speak, I just don't speak for sake of yapping or grabbing attention.

    I am replying as you quoted from my reply. Your usual habit of quoting me (and others on LCHF who talk here) and talking to someone else and then taking pot-shots at people from whose posts you quote. So, if you have to quote from my replies, talk to me, else don't quote.

    Post your diet and post how you control your diabetes, instead of trying to understand LCHF. That will help people more.

    I don't remember reading anything about your diet and how you manage your diabetes in your 260+ posts in roughly 3 years out here.

  • is it 60% or 80%?

  • May be by mistake , some where it was given 80: 10 :10.

  • snide remarks about hclf is the only clarification we can expect from their side.

  • Hclf means high carb low fat which is adorned with many titles like nonsensical food , foolish food , idiotic food etc . On the first opportunity our poor hclf food gets attacked .

  • That homeopath is talking about vegan ratio. Don;t be so obsessed with LCHF every time else u r doing what the others have been doing and failing to achieve anything since last 3+ years. Even in-pack hunting techniques didn't work.

  • The move should come from those doctors who are expressing their opinions in the form of research reports .

  • I don't discuss with doctors who just have lopsided OPINIONS and absolute disregard for science of medical reports. Waste of time. WE know better as we live in our body and we see medical reports over the years, we read both sides of science -- industry spun and real -- and see how how blood sugar behaves day after day comparing the two sciences. We don't need yet another ADA's industry spun science.

  • Let the number reach near 100. Also, don't lay too much importance on that.

  • Now let me tell you why I quoted.

    Some one from the group that keeps provoking me quoted it for someone from his group when I quoted Posts to Followers ratio. I responded that all it takes is three guys in a group saying hi hello thank you 3 times to make a post popular.

    He has suddenly disappeared after one of his provocative post on LCHF got deleted. I am not going to name him. :)

    So, popular posts is not to be taken too seriously.

  • Since u just joined can u point out any hate messages against you?

    If you talk about past we will presume that this is a duplicate id

    If not nothing should disturb you

    Anup called carbohydrates as nons.... and not against any person

    If vegan is working for you Please propagate it nicely

    Also I said abuses for another person who is abusing me personally

    Why should u fall in between this skirmishes??

    If lchf is working for us we try and help others

    If we see an issue with other diet we just point out and not abuse anyone

    If u have been abused Please show the thread

    Abuses against me you can easily see here.

  • If there are 8 million diabetic that are vegans, does not that tell you something. Doesn't that mean that approach is not working that is why so many Vegan diabetics!!

    If anyone contradicts you or propagate LCHF as another possible solution, strange that you consider that as hate message???

  • Navinsinha anup et al

    please all very nice learned people. We are all here to help curing D. Instead you guys are discussing who is right and which diet is superior lchf or vegan.

    Madam navinsinha please let us all know your diet plan. You prefer vegan diet - fine. Let us all know how much carbs you are taking in a day, be it low GI Carbs. Tell us what is the ratio of c:p:f in your diet and how much calories do you recommend for us - the diabetics.

    Let we all analyse and find out which of the two lchf and vegan is better. Perhaps we may find some other diet plan from a healthy discussion. I don't trust all these studies and number games because many studies are fabricated to suit the benefit of those who give funds for their vested interests.

    Please everybody. Cool down and talk something useful rather than personal fights.

  • suramo

    Normally, I don't even bother to respond unless some guy/gal goes ballistic against LCHF based on OPINIONS on some thread.

    People have been trying to run down LCHF since January 2013, and it's "THEY" who started this for some unknown reasons. So, it's nothing new for me. They even formed groups for coordinated attacks. That also doesn't work.

    You won't find me commenting on LW threads or huge number of links posted daily on Veganism, as long as they don;t go ballistic against LCHF in same post.

    My experience is that if anyone tries to run down LCHF just to push agendas, it won't work. Has never worked in the past too. Even the nastiest of direct abuses hurled at us were ineffective, though even ladies weren't spared by them.

  • Sorry navin

    i don't say you have an agenda. But one fact is not going to change that we t2d can't metabolise carbs efficiently. Even if we take low gi food we have to deal with glycemic load that gi x gm of carbs taken. Now as you say "We take almost 100% carbs and we don't count calories. Protein is also derived from plant food. Eat as much as you like"

    I'd certainly like to understand how a big glycemic load i.e. big amount of carbs ingested would be cleared from our blood in the presence of IR.

    I also would like to understand how protein and fat requirements are fulfilled by your diet plan. Let me tell you i'm a eggitarian.

    "But this was only one of the many surprises that were hurled at me through the first two years of being diagnosed with diabetes in the summer of 2012. The diagnosis itself was accidental. A generic blood test, conducted prior to a warranted ovarian surgery, revealed elevated blood sugar levels, and the presence of the said condition." This i misunderstood and addressed you madam. I'm sorry navin

  • Glycemic load is not fixed like gi. It depends on the amount of food you take. If you take low gi food in large quantity the gl would be high.

    GL = GI X Gms of carbs taken/100

    See this

    mango gi 55

    100 gm mango has 13 g carbs.

    So if you eat 100g ripe mango the GL is 55x 13/100= 7.15

    if you eat 200g ripe mango the load is 7.15x2 = 14.30.

    load depends on the quantity of food you eat. So if a low gi food is taken in large quantity as you are saying the gl gets high and if you want to keep gl below 10 as recommended for D the quantity of low gi food has to be less not fulfilling the caloric requirements.

  • 👍👍

  • Do you realize that fruit sugars fructose don't spike blood sugar? Initial days I could eat 300 grams black grapes and still not spike hard and used to think I have hit some jackpot.

    Realized my mistakes when started reading Concerned's comments on fructose and it's "pit falls"

  • Concerned @anup

    Is the debate about the role of fructose in developing IR and fatty liver settled? I have read both sides of the debate, and I am still confused.

    You said in one of your comments that up to 15 gm of fructose a day is safe. Where does this number come from? What happens if one exceeds 15 gm?

  • Navin

    thanks. I'm from gujarat.

    But i think you have some misconception about gl. Gl = gi x gms of carbs. Low gi food taken in large amount and as you say you take 100% low gi food puts a high gl and it takes longer time to clear. That means insulin has to remain high for a long time. So lipolysis is not possible hence IR issue will not be addressed. Only 1gm of fat removed from pancreas increases insulin sensitivity many folds. IR issue is addressed. D is controlled.


    Please refer to the above link. You may or may not agree.

  • Yes. I'd certainly like to know how dr bernards system works. Let me understand how exclusive low gi carbs work to reverse D. Please.

  • Navin

    Well since you have personal experience i'd not like to contradict but frankly i'm not convinced.

    1) cholesterol is not the culprit but ldl. Cholesterol is very important for the body since it's an important constituent of cell membranes, bile and certain hormones and vit d. It is synthesized by our body de novo. Now a days researchers stipulate that cholesterol is a very good anti oxidant.

    2) min veg oil. Ok.

    3) low gi food.

    The issues that require consideration are

    1) what's the ratio of c:p:fat. Plants veg do not provide proteins in enough quqntity to fulfil body requirements. What about essential fatty acids and essential amino acids? These essential ingredients can't be synthesized by our body. They have to be taken in food only or as medical supplements.

    2) There is no mention of calorie intake.

    3) It's the insulin responsible for production of fats from carbs in our body. As long as insulin is present in the body lipolysis is not possible. Low gi food is good but if gl is more the insulin remains longer inhibiting lipolysis. We t2d want to get rid of visceral fat. Fats that surround our organs.

    Low gi food is great but taken in large quantity to fulfil our daily caloric requirements, i don't think is good.

    The logic of reversing D is to switch our carb based fuel system to fat based. And since we can't assimilate carbs properly carbs should be taken as less as possible and be replaced by prots and fats. Prots need to be taken in limited proportion because

    1)It gets converted to carbs

    2)the metabolic end products put strain on kidneys.

    Fats recommended are the ones which have high mct and scts. These are the fats which are directly absorbed into the blood through portal vein instead of forming chylomicrons and gettin absorbed through lymphatic system. These mcts and scts are soon used as fuel by liver because they CANNOT BE STORED in the body as fats. Fats not recommended are hydrogenated fats and fats found in the meats of nongrass fed animals and red meat. Anybody correct me if i'm wrong. Fish are very good source of omega 3 fatty acid - an essential fatty acid very much important for functioning of our brains and also to prevent alzheimer's.

    Navinji. There are many such issues which your vegan low gi diet don't address.

    Anup has done lots of reading on the subject and i'd recommend that instead of getting into scuffle with him or anybody let's all put all the theories together, do brain storming and get the best out of our knowledge.

    I or anup do not proclaim that we have fullest knowledge but since we have read a lot and we ourselves are practising what we speak here rather than just advising for few bucks what we say here should be considered. You may or may not practice lchf or any other diet but that doesn't make us enemies.

    Lastly the role of fermentation can't be ignored. Desi ghee, curds and all the food that require fermentation is very good for our health. Eliminating such items not good for healthy living.


  • TGL issue of one lady that you refer to, you have been told that she isn't willing to increase fats to the level where she can say she is on LCHF. Go thru all her threads and not just the one that you picked up.

    On LCHF there's no mid way. Either they follow it or they don't. If they try something in between they are doing at their own risk. Higher carbs with higher fat isn't going to work.

    We have a reason why we say 20% carbs. And, at those levels -- no, fat doesn't become chewing gum.

    If it had been so, Dr Bernstein ( there are huge many doctors on LCHF with around 50 grams carbs a day) wouldn't have been alive after 4+ decades of his 30 grams carbs/day.

    I wouldn't have been drug free for sixth year and instead would be running sky high numbers if wasn't disposing off glucose because of the chewing gum effect.

    Body runs on ketones + glucose for us and ketones come from fat metabolism which needs lower insulin levels. LC ensures lower insulin levels in blood. That's why dietary fat and lipogenesis aren't to be mixed up. If we get 700 kcal from prot+carbs, all the rest comes from fat (ketones). So, fat on LCHF isn't treating poison with poison. It's just cutting out the need for insulin that one needs on high carbs.

  • ketones produced by the fatty acids released by the stored fats or fats of the ketogenic diet could give energy to the body and mind and may bring down insulin levels But the diet may not be suitable to all.

  • The incidence of cancers , Parkinson's disease ,high BP are still high there cent percent guarantee that ketosis does not affect the metabolism in the long run.

  • "The incidence of cancers , Parkinson's disease ,high BP are still high there."


  • Where diabetes , psoriasis , leucoderma and many more so called autoimmune diseases are there .

  • Still didn't get you. T1D is an autoimmune disease. But T2D?

  • type 2 diabetes may not be termed as autoimmune disease and it could be due to excess calories and insulin malfunctioning , but still it is not being found in case of some excess food takers. What is the reason .

  • Saswathy

    Carbs are surely not suitable for us. That's a universal truth for us

  • You will find my comments on that Ben's article or even that old blog of his which has been linked umpteen times here by anti LCHF theoreticians. There was a time when there were 80 comments on the blog. But looks like Ben (also like Dr McDougal) keeps deleting comments that goes against his opinion.

    Unless he has deleted all the comments that went against his blog, do read what people have commented from whatever is left.

    People do pick up few isolated articles and I remember Dr Greger (one of strong Vegan proponent?) took "ONE" video of a study done by "ONE" Cardiologist with an Anti Atkins agenda and that video kept doing rounds on so many vegan websites and Greger kept going gaga over it.

    Do you know that the doctor who did that study was convicted of "serial medical fraud" and was jailed? That video along with Ben's blogs have been posted so many times in the past here.

    And, the video case was a guy who joined here, started abusing LCHF followers right from the word go and then disappeared when he came to know that that video comes from a cardiologist languishing in jail for serial medical frauds and he had nothing to really hang on to in order to continue the tirade against LCHF.

    One of the fraud was -- some soy company sponsored a clinical trial study to be done by this convicted for serial medical fraud doctor. The doctor published the clinical trial report without doing any study. He pleaded guilty on this charge too. BTW, this doctor was a known "Cardiologist"

    Yes, there will be cases of LIPIDS going off on LCHF even if followed to the T. I have always said, if a hyper-responder or suffering from FH, tough luck.

    We have read all sides of this diet maze and keep an open mind as we have no FRANCHISE to SELL like Ornish or Barnard Or Greger Or Tripathi :)

  • My recent reply and your reply to my reply, I leave it to readers to read and take a call :)

    If anyone needs details of that jailed cardio, they can PM me. Five + years and I have read all sides of this diet maze. And, I still have a lot more to read.

  • The fact that got overlooked was that 45% to 55% carb diet COULD also control glucose levels.High fat diet could cause kidney stones ,constipation ,high cholesterol and don't know what many other problems . Yes , it has been very good for some .But the fact remains that it is not suitable for many .

    So let us agree to disagree till such time the results prove it's worth in the long run .10 years is too short a time for that getting to be proved .

  • Communicate with kkjng on what low carb high fat diet did his already partly damaged kidney before he switched to LCHF.

    Three years down the line, his kidneys are far better than they were on non-nonsensical high carb low fat diet.

    How LCHF form kidney stones? Care to explain with some scientific data? We are 20% carbs LCHF.

  • I noticed that her diet was nowhere near LCHF when navinsinha quoted her here. People should do proper homework before switching to LCHF, rather than blaming the diet when lipids go haywire.

  • Well as you say we agree to disagree. You carry on with your philosophy and i with mine. In long term we will find out who was right and who was wrong or we both were right or wrong.

    Till then we would share our experience on this forum with a broad mind.👍👍👍

  • suramo

    High Carbers will never understand how Keto/LCHF works as they are permanently wed to the LIE that FAT is bad. For us it's very clear. Carbs need insulin the most. We run short on that/ have problem with insulin sensitivity for sure. So no fun pumping something that would trigger more insulin release.

    Dr Bernstein in one of his nutrition lecture said -- there's lot of nonsense (his words not mine) going around with GI on diabetics and here's that video:

    His recommendations are very stringent as he believes that normal blood sugar is 83 and A1C should be 4.2 to 4.8. With 7 decades life as a type 1, I would take him more seriously than anyone else. He is on 30 grams carbs a day for over 4+ decades now. His ca score last was 1 when he gave that lecture. Also, I don;t think he is selling franchise like Ornish or others.

  • You mean a1c score was 1?

  • suramo

    Ca not a1c. cardiac risks marker.

    He said he reversed his cardiac issues too as Ca score of 1 with 60 years of Type 1 diabetes is no mean feat. HDL 120 and LDL around 50 on 30 grams carbs :)

    A1C he normally maintained 4.8 or lower as Type 1.

  • That too with diet only? No insulin injections though t1d?

  • As a type 1, he takes insulin but not the "INDUSTRIAL DOSES" like high Carbers have to take.

    Obviously with 30 grams carbs, he has to cover for 120 points rise for the day from carbs. Compare this with high Carbers on 300 grams carbs. They would need 10 times more insulin than him and yet not achieve the same control.

  • I'm really impressed by his progress and promising control of t1d. I can't imagine how he would be maintaining 30g carbs a day since prots are converted to carbs. Must learn his diet plan

  • Anup

    everybody on this forum is sane enough to analyze what is right and what is wrong. So don't care for those who abuse lchf diet. Your experience with lchf is good and so is with many here. Forget those who bash lchf. Rather than putting a person to person fight let us all logically and scientifically decide what is good for us.

  • suramo

    Yes, that's how 186 followers are there on my profile. I make a point leave it for readers to take a call. But, some don't even like that number and brand LCHF preachers as CLONE and FAKE. 186, even without selling dreams of CURING diabetes. Some want that LCHF should not be discussed here and only ADA's standards (and maybe anything that fits the HIGH CARB BILL) should be talked, rest should just be booted out. Ridiculous.

    If I was abusive towards anyone here, as "THEY" say, and someone took the onus of paying me back in same coin, I wouldn't have been asked if I want to be moderator of "ONE" forum here on HU. Since I don't have time, I had to decline that with a heavy heart as my focus is on spreading the message of LCHF diet to Indian diabetics -- and I have met with good success in doing so. Still miles to go before I sleep.

  • So kind of you. I salute you for your genuine efforts to convey to all of us,the privileged people your valuable experience to control D without any personal interest. Thanks

  • Thanks Suramo.

    Some still take a wild slingshot in the dark and say we are doing this for money -- this is the last ditch effort to provoke but even that fails.

  • Let them. Facts don't change.

  • Many times , accusations were hurled at us , saying that we have some vested interest.But we have taken it in our stride ,because cause is more important than personal ego .

  • I think there is some other factor which is contributing to the wide spread of diabetes apart from pancreatic malfunctioning . So far as the control of the same is concerned it is not diet alone , whether it is vegan , vegetarian or high fat or low fat or non vegetarian food .With all the funds , time , people at their disposal US CAN GO IN TO finding that 'x ' factor.We have seen cures or controls in vegan food , vegetarian food , high carb low fat food , high fat low carb food , exclusive foods like fruits though rare , in fact in all foods . But no where there is a hundred percent cure . That it self shows that there is something else which needs an answer or solution .

  • The cures all have some common factor , that is limited calorie intake .It is not the quality or ratio in the food . it is the lesser quantity which is giving the results in any type of food .

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