Get Your Diabetes Medicines @ 15% Discount and Delivered @ your Home ***

Hello There,

yes Its True above title is true and its just a social service from us for all INDIANS and those who dont want any discount then we will give that amount to any charity with proof.

we will assure you the delivery at your door step but order should be above 3000.00 at a time and we will reach you on COD basis on selected location too

contact number 7208557***


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18 Replies

  • good intentions, BUT who R U??? your occupation????? if from medical profession, e.g. if Sales person representing a MNC or any Pharma Corp. why don't you first provide all viewers/readers/subscribers with your Resume???? what city you based/live in ???? what proof your products are genuine. I've heard of USA i.e. made by Ulhasnagar Sindhi Assn./ (not intended to offend any race, religion, caste/creed, apologies!!!!!) how genuine wud your products be???? concerns heightened because it's got to do with health/life & death!!!! if fraudulent product with fraudulent ingredients, who's going to nab you???? & in India????? ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,! what a joke!!!!! forget it; pls stop indulging in such practices. It's good you are not in some foreign land, by now you would have been behind bars. My million apologies if any inconvenience caused, many more concerns but God bless all with good health, surprised how this web following has permitted you to market your product in this manner???????

  • I 100% agree


  • thanks a lot for reply and i really like the way you wrote to me tej kumar we are from HUBLI (Karnataka) and its a new concept we are bringing to Indian customers(starting with hubli ) and no need to worry abt the quality coz we will supply as per your doctors prescription and it will be delivered through the original invoice and genuine products

  • Thanks for the response. If that may be the case, it is laudable and I assure you all support. Nair

  • thank you for your support & we are in initial stage at hubli now and clarifying the prescription issue coz there is a rule dat we cant give medicines without prescription and some more issue are there yet we need to clarify

  • THanks for the response. Please share your experience, (if you please) so that I shall do something in A P

  • ya sure

  • Well ...

    Cut Carbohydrates and you may not need any medicines at all


  • No doubt it is a good cause. But provide your full details. whether you suppy medicines of specific make only or all.& what of payment.

  • will give you all the details coz right now we are working on website and legal formalities

  • If you can manage to supply medicines to all diabetic members through concerned company,s authorized chemists/dealers/sub-dealers in every city @15% discount your initiation is most welcome .I appreciate your noble feelings and efforts.

  • I also

  • will give you all the details coz right now we are working on website and legal formalities and thanks for your support

  • Can prescription drugs be sold without prescription online?


  • yes you are right as a professional i know the rules and we are finding a way for this

  • it is not a grate thing. all apollow stores giving 10 percent discount over 100 rupees general the percentage allowed to retailers is from 30 to 35 per cent

  • thanks for reply well i know its not a great thing and we humans will get anything at free of cost then to we will find mistakes in that and its quiet natural in all humans so try to be happy what you have or what u get instead of comparing well i m sorry if you felt bad by my words but i wrote the fact

  • I get my diabetic injection 5% / medicines 10% discount from Chennai medical shop.

    door delivered. If any body knows more than this discount like 15% for all injection and medicines for door delivery in Chennai, kindly share address to avail it.

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