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Sugar and Sarvation

In 1793 a ship carrying a cargo of sugar and rum foundered. Nine days later the surviving sailors were found close to death.

Why would that be? Considering they had access to all the energy they could possibly need in the days following the disaster, and after all, alcohol has only marginally less calories that fat, and a calorie is a calorie right?

Here's the reason.

INSULIN was starving them to death, and had they not been found they certainly would have died with all their fat stores untouched. Fat that would have kept them alive had they consumed nothing but water, intact. Now I don't know what ratio rum to sugar was consumed, but it is safe to say that their insulin levels would have been permanently sky high, and as it IMPOSSIBLE to access stored fat in the presence of high insulin levels; that's the reason they nearly died. The body sees high sugar levels, (and that includes ALL fast digested carbohydrate, bread, potatoes, rice etc) as a threat to be dealt with immediately. Insulin is doing it's job trying to restore a toxic environment to safe levels, but at the same time putting the body into starvation mode.

Now we are told there is nothing the matter with carbohydrates, even for full blown T2 diabetics. And where the safe level of 9 teaspoons of sugar for men, 6 for women comes from I'd like someone to enlighten me, for as far as I'm concerned, the lunatics are in charge of the asylum!

Want to lose weight, get your T2 under control? You know what to do! But if you don't, ask or research what your grandparents ate before T2 took over.

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The sugar industries.... The food industries are capable of bullying the authorities...

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Wonderful example....but extreme I guess.How about some ship carrying Ghee/clarified butter or VCO???

What are chances of survival???

I guess if sugar is replaced with jaggery then more chances of survival???

or if Ghee/clarified butter is replaced with plain butter or VCO replaced with coconut meat more chances of survival???

Guess this underlines need/importance of of balanced diet.

A good message from Ayurveda.

अति दानात बलिर्वधो ह्यति मानात सुयोधन:

अति लौल्यात रावणो हन्त:

अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत

Meaning :

Bali met his end due to his extreme charity, Suyodhana /Duryodhana was killed due to his excessive pride, far too much lust brought the end to Ravana. (Hence) give up 'excess' in everything.


What's T2? sorry new to site,


Type 2 diabetes


Ok thanks


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