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Fasting Graphics

Here is a fascinating graphic that illustrates the benefits of fasting (something I do every day):


When you read the term 'Time Restricted' substitute 'Fasting'.

A simple explanation of the three abstracts:

1a. Obese mouse is allowed to eats junk food as much as it likes and becomes morbidly obese.

1b. Obese mouse fasts, still eats junk and becomes a fat fit mouse.

2a. Thin mouse eats unlimited junk and becomes fat.

2b. Thin mouse fasts and eats junk, remains thin.

3. Thin mouse fasts for the working week, eats junk over the weekend, remains thin.

Fasting was the norm when I was growing up and all it meant was eating three meals a day, no snacking and low sugar. My children, 14 and 13 eat a lot of stuff that could cheerfully be described as junk, (drives me mad) yet are really, really lean, muscular and fit. Their breakfast EVERY day is two rounds of bread with peanut butter and a scrape of honey or jam - they don't eat the crusts (the chickens do). Not so good, but more often than not they don't eat their packed lunch and do not eat it until they come home - that's an eight hour fast - something they do on top of their nighttime sleeping fast. They absolutely will not eat unless properly hungry. And thats the secret.

Now in no circumstance do I advocate eating junk like this, especially for diabetics, but substitute high fat, low carb and couple it with a fasting regimen and you will have a devastating tool to control your condition.

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Muslims do fasting almost all the year through and compulsory for 28/30 days. Good news anyway.


Jains never take anything after sunset....so 12 hrs fasting everyday.


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