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 Urine Protein(Microalbuminuris /Proteinuria)Test

What is urine protein(albumin)test?

Urine protein test is screening test to look for the prescience of proteins in the urine.one of these proteins called albumin

Why this test is ordered?

Proteins are the" building blocks" of the body that also perform other vital functions such as nourishing tissues,transporting hormones,vitamins and other essential  nutrients and keeping the proper amount of fluids circulating through the body.When the kidneys are healthy,virtually no proteins pass out of the kidney sand into the urine(only waste products circulating in the blood are removed) However,if a person:s kidneys become diseased or damaged,they are less able to leave the protein behind,and some protein begins to filter through and appear in the urine.

What is the difference between microalbuminuria and proteinuria?

Albumin is type of protien found in large amounts in the blood.Because it is small molecule in size,it is one of the first proteins able to pass through the kidneys in to the urine when there are kidney problems.The presence of small amount of albumin in the urine is the condition called microalbuminuria.As kidneys damage progresses and the amount of albumin in the urine increases,the name of the condition changes from mocroalbuminuria to albuminuria or proteinuria.

What are the signs of microalbuminuria/proteinuria/

In its early stage there may not be noticeable signs or symptoms.As kidney function declines and large amounts of proteins are passing in to the urine,swelling of the hands,feet,abdomen and face may occur.If albuminuria progresses,it may result in permanent kidney damage,or in some patients the need for dialysis or a kidney transplat.With or without symptoms the only way to find out how much protien is passing in to the urine is to test it.

Microalbuminuria  is also associated with cardiovascular disease.Damage blood vessels can lead to hear failure in addition to kidney disease.

How is the urine tested for microalbuminuria/proteinuria?

You will be asked to give urine sample.Your doctor will decide if the sample can be random sample provided at your doctor"s office or needs to be sample collected over certain times frames(such as four hours,overnight,or for 24 hours),in either case,you will be given container and instructions for properly collecting a urine sample.

your doctor may also order a blood yest for other signs of kidney damage(to look for the waste products that will be removed form the blood if the kidneys are functioning properly)

What do the test result means?

 Test results with in the ranges listed below indicate that kidney function is normal.Values above the refrence range indicated  that kidney disease or damage is pressent.if your test results shows a high level of protiens or albumin,your doctor will likly to repeat the test,if the second test is also high,your doctor may order additional tests to futher check your kidney functionwhether diabetes or high blood pressure is the cause of of albuminuria,treat ment of these problems may reduce albuminuria or its progrssion to kidney disease.

Type of Urine Analysis                                           Reference range considered normal

Random urine test

(small sample collected at the doctor office)                Protein--0to 20mg/dl

                                                                                           Albumin 0to 23mg/dl

Timed protein urine test                                             0   to  6  mg/hr.

( urine collected over a specified time frame,usually 4hours or overnight)

24 hours urine test                                                       0     to    0.15 gums /24 hrs.

(urine collected over a 24 hours period)

Note- Normal values ranges may vary slightly among different laborteries


WWW.urology health.org.

This information is provided by the clevland clinic last reviewed on 23/12/2010

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