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If you wondering what happened to my earlier post re Dr Prasad, a post that you are now unable to access, stay cool and let me explain. It was there for a few days and there were lots of interesting discussions, comments and useful feedback but on May 7 (Saturday), Vesa from the admin emailed to me to say that she is removing the post following the complaint of someone who reported that it was an “advert” and that I had sub-posted a negative remark, both of which she deemed as sufficient reasons to remove the ENTIRE blog.

I wrote at length to Vesa to explain that the Dr Prasad post was made in response to some members of the HU community who specifically asked for details about Dr Prasad's clinic - address, website address, phone no. etc., which first appeared in the post of Rahim1958. So it was not really an advert as there was, on my part, no express attempt to promote this Dr Prasad beyond merely providing basic info on contact details. Plus I have no previous contact or knowledge of this gentleman.

My only lead was Rahim1958’s positive feedback following his enrolment and doing the therapy course of Dr Prasad. Rahim’s feedback would have easily yielded very interesting and lively discussion in the HU forum and offered another healing pathway for those who are perhaps not so attracted to, say, the incessant and overinflated  A D V E R T I S I N G   O F   L C H F and what not, or those may have found that this or that didn’t work and/or have little or no BG-lowering effects.

So far, Vesa has not responded - this may be a good thing as she may still be considering reinstating the post, or she may not be in the office owing to the weekend break, or whatever. During this time, members of course can write to her and give their honest feedback about the removal of the ENTIRE. I suspect the complainant was Anup because when I retorted, in a subpost, to his constant attack on members postings and subpostings with the obnoxious expletive: “HOGWASH”,  I got Vesa’s response email very shortly after submitted this subpost. 

I feel Vesa doen’t appear to realize how insulting this word is to Muslims, for a hog is a pig, and to make it worse, we have here the added insult - droppings of a pig? Isn't this cultural, religious intolerance?  For me, it is not just politically incorrect, it is also insulting, hurtful and disrespectful. Question: why is admin allowing someone like him to continue ADVERTISING his own personal grievances?  Notice that I said I only “suspect” it was Anup – this is my own belief which may be incorrect. But- 

you can always ask him yourself, and I also believe he won’t shy away from the telling you the honest-to-God truth too.

In my reply to Vesa, I suggested that the SUBPOST could be removed, if it be deemed negative to her. There is no need to delete the entire post for that would be like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It would be unfair to other members who have contributed to the discussion and deleting all the valuable information relating to Dr Prasad would be sheer waste. Anyway, people themselves can also google up for Dr Prasad and check out his work, program, theory, etc and that the subject will continue to be discussed in posts and subposts. So what’s admin going to do about this. Ban that too?

And let’s not forget that censoring or prohibiting info and literature won’t work generally for the forbidden fruit tastes sweeter – yes, it sounds like a weird and wonderful twist to attempting to suppress info.  The more one tries to prevent an “advert” (censored stuff) from reaching the masses, the more and greater attention it will generate plus the tons of  advertising publicity it will also reap via other media channels, like some unexpected bonus.

There is no end to human ingenuity when they are thwarted or blocked or their stuff censored, suppressed. So why not leave my run-of-the-mill ‘advert’ alone and let Nature take its course!  If HealthUnblocked had not taken the trouble to ADVERTISE itself on the web, would it have attracted drop-bys and get any subscribed members, I wonder?


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35 Replies

  • It is worst time killing

  • thanks for your feedback but am not exactly clear why you are referring to ... care to elaborate?  Thanks.

  • yup absolutely. these type of posts u will find from keyboard warriors across many forums.

  • I   Personally   and    professionally     believe    that   there   is   some     point    which   has    to   be  given   some    consideration    in   what    DR.Prasad    says.

  • ShooterGeorge Thanks for the feedback, Saswathy. Yes, each person should be given a space to articulate his/her views. Well said!  It is usually the case that when one sees a pic of this or that person, one gets a gut feeling about him/her, and I did get an OK feeling though we never actually met, hence the ol' saying "trust your gut feelings/instincts."

    ShooterGeorge said that he actually went to Dr. Prasad's clinic to listen to his talk and he also confirmed that he is an MD.

    Here are some wise sayings - an antidote to doctrinaire thinking and approaches:

    [1] "The proof of the pudding is in the eating."

    [2] "One picture is worth a thousand words."

    *doctrinaire: means seeking to impose a doctrine in all circumstances without regard to practical considerations. - Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    *the proof of the pudding (is in the eating) means that one can only judge the quality of something after one has tried, used, or experienced it. - Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

  • Thank you @Cjuan. In one of my posts/subposts I said: some things can only be experienced; examples are taste of food, aroma of flowers perfumes, pain of injury etc etc.

  • yes, even head ache Sir.

  • Very true.

  • Cjuan  If "hogwash" is insulting to Muslims, is the use of the word "bullshit" in a pejorative sense an insult to Hindus, as they revere bovines(bulls and cows, and also their excreta)? I have never seen any Hindu taking offense to this term.

    You may have genuine issues with the way some members react to opposing points of view, but my humble request to you is to not erect a bogeyman of religious and cultural intolerance on this forum.

  • Again you are saying attempting to generalize from your own view to include others. I am saying that I perceive the word hogwash to be very offensive even as a non-Muslim. If you don't take offense to bullshit, that's your biz.  Bull, cow droppings are for Hindus useful and even used for cooking and to make Vibhuti, which is why you and probably Hindus in general will not take offence but since when did Muslims use hogwash for mundane activities like cooking and religious activities? 

    Yes, I have a genuine issue with it and am expressly saying that it offends me and probably others too.  So you have a difficulty understanding this? Learn to respect my stand as much as I respect yours.  It's a plain and simple complaint, no bogeyman here so why try to create one from the top of your head?

  • I am beginning to regret responding to this post after reading your reply. Please read my response again, and try to understand what I said. Then we can talk.

  • Where is the logic in your talk? You don't seem to understand that Muslims and Hindus see things differently. Perhaps this pedestrian saying will help: "One man's meat is another man's poison."  Learn to look at other peoples' point of view, and not just your own and all will be fine.

  • Happily Signed in today.

    But, after going thru OP's post I pinched myself twice to confirm whether I am on a diabetes forum or some ISIS / Daesh propaganda forum? What's all this muslim and hogwash connection.

    Hogwash is also a slang (informal word) for nonsense.

    Wish I don't get to see these type of useless posts on a diabetes forum. Discuss all this hogwash and muslim connection elsewhere. You will find many propaganda Facebook pages where u can bash everything that's not to liking of muslims. yr wrong perception is your problem so fix that instead of talking nonsense based on cockeyed interpretation. Wonder why mods allow such releasing-the-bladder-pressure posts here on public forum.

  • Your perception described is ALSO your problem, so stop bashing others - pot calling the kettle pot?  you may not see it, but there are others are not blind !  So stop all the condescending talk. 

  • get a life

  • And you too! One has to earn it, not just get it.

  • no not at all.


    what u r trying is "emotional appeal" logical fallacy. deal with the mods over pm about yr issues instead of trying all this emotional appeal here to gain some traction. doesn't work.

  • Where ignorance is bliss, it is foolish to be wise.

  • Thank you @Cjuan for speaking out many things which I couldn't.

  • Cjuan, Dr. Prasad is a running a well know Diabetes curing centre in Wayanad in Kerala.  I have heard of him sometime back when I was in the USA, and was intending to visit his clinic, but unfortunately, due to various issues at home, i was unable to go. Two people whom I know, who have visited him are free of medicines, but exercise is a must on a daily basis. I think the Dr is doing lots of voluntary work for the diabetes patients who visit him. I do not think he needs any advertisement. His clinic is always crowded, overflowing.

    I do not know why some people are taking offence to a system which is different from what they preach, even though their system is not proven. Every one has a right to voice his experience, wishing maybe, some of us may find it helpful. 

    Moreover, on different posts, I have expressed my concern about abusive language and calloquial slangs being used in this forum. I too totally support Cjuan, in his opinion about these matters.

  • cure ; ShooterGeorge 

    Reading what you wrote to me here has truly made my day, so I want to  thank you, nairraji, for sharing your own thoughts, views and experiences. Am I glad to see the light of reason once again blazing forth and adding to those demonstrated a few days ago by  ShooterGeorge and a few others (whose names and IDs I can't recall offhand) - yes, it has helped to restore my faith in the glorious future of Bharat.

    Despite making it clear that I am no fan of exercise and therefore only curious. maybe mildly interested, to hear what Rahim1958 and others  provide feedback on their experiences + the MD's therapeutic principles.

    I am sure you have already heard the bleating of dissent and even attempts at the character assassination of a fella Indian national and MD, which seems to betray, besides ignorance, some form of envy, not unlike what my astute gurus of human behavior would call or label 'professional jealousy'. This perhaps can throw some light on the point you've made and expressed admirably:

    "I do not know why some people are taking offence to a system which is different from what they preach even though their system is not proven."

    Thanks again for taking the trouble to give your valuable feedback and insight on the matter. Much appreciated!

  • Dear Cjuan,please go through following:

    1.Only health related issues not intended to advertise any doctor/hospital are expected to be discussed in the forum.So there is no need of giving complete information about  Dr Prasad.After knowing only name of doctor,interested people in this forum can collect necessary information about doctor using google.Too much detailing appears as an advertisement.Also discussing about a doctor and a diet,both are different things.   

    2.Many people in this forum use to write idioms and we must understand actual meaning of words being used and not their literal meaning.We should avoid to invite religious/political discussion by correlating the literal meaning of these words and religion/politics. 

    3.Any communication with moderator should not be discussed in the forum publicly.It appears as an attempt to make our moderators respect less.

    4.Without knowing all about any incident we should not blame any member that he has reported against anything.Only guessing can not be a basis for any claim.It makes one an attention seeking person.

    5.HealthUnlocked has provided a free of cost peer support platform to us and we should utilize it at the optimum to learn and to let others to learn without wasting time.

    I hope you will try to understand these things. 



  • thanks for taking the trouble. I strongly suggest that you yourself begin practicing what you preach here and set an example first.  What you recommend here should also apply to every single member without exception, and until you and others do that, then your words will be perceived as an attempt to set double-standards.  Go and read what you just written and see how one-sided it is. If you can't, seek the help of a kind soul, a fella member.

    Like every post, there is a lot of opinion expressed, so take this as an opinion too and let others be the judge of what they read and see. 

  • You are welcome!

    Please cool down!And go through following:

    *"I strongly suggest that you yourself begin practicing what you preach here and set an example first."

    After landing to low carb diet my numbers are improved and situation is far better.

    ** "What you recommend here should also apply to every single member without exception, and until you and others do that, then your words will be perceived as an attempt to set double-standards."

    It is just suggestion for you.It depends on you whether you are able to follow or not.

    *** "Go and read what you just written and see how one-sided it is."

    You need to read once again and then you will realize it is not biased in any way.

    **** "If you can't, seek the help of a kind soul, a fella member."

    I have an open mind and interact with any body in the forum.However I like to have logical discussion.Also I take help and give too.I am thankful all the time to those members who have helped me.

    *****"Like every post, there is a lot of opinion expressed, so take this as an opinion too and let others be the judge of what they read and see."

    Read all replies to your sub post and then you will like to delete it at own.

    Anyway,thanks for your reply! 

  • @Cjuan all others, I am not  writing this about the entire post but I do want to express my thoughts about "hogwash". I don't think one should play the religion card here. Hogwash is indeed vernacular for "bullshit" or "bunch of lies" or "outright false information". I don't think the word has to do anything with pigs. While words like hogwash or bullshit by themselves are not offensive, hearing them being used constantly to describe other people's views, the pharma, medical professionals, International diabetic organizations etc. sure offends me. And I am not saying this about any particular individual using these words on the forum, I feel the same way about just about anyone using them in a manner I described above.

    Also here is something for you to consider. A lot of people are used to some words that can be considered as cuss words or not so nice words eg. F***, Shit, ....and the list can go on. Majority of people will find them offensive and sadly people who are in a habit of casually using them either don't realize they are using some not so good words or in some cases they could care less if those words offend others. Net result though is others find such words and communication from such individuals distasteful.

    In no way am I advocating use of those words, but perhaps we can try to be more tolerant :)

  • Re the religious bit - No, I only added that later. It was not in my reply to Vesa. I found it abusive even if you don't. Your explanation that it is common at HU helps. Is it a fact that people's vocabulary is so impoverished that they can't find more polite words to use.

    examples: I disagree, your points are doubtful, I beg to disagree, I'd question that statement, that doesn't sound right, it seems to stretch the truth, have you misreported the facts?, could you recheck your claims? questionable claims.

    It's just basic internet etiquette - nothing esoteric. It’s based on the so-called “Golden Rule”. It’s odd that one has to even bring up the subject. Here’s how Wikipedia frames it:

    "The Golden Rule or ethic of reciprocity is a moral maxim or principle of altruism found in many human cultures and religions, suggesting it may be related to a fundamental human nature." 

    "One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself."

    "What you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself." 


    Question: Whatever happened to the Nasmaste culture of India?  Was it not this culture that elevated India to the height that no other culture has ever come close to? Its sublimity induced Thailand to adopt the same Namaste hand gesture even up to this day!

    The Thais even named some of their dynastic monarchs as King Rama (9 in all, from Rama I to Rama IX). I guess times have changed. 

    Hmm...perhaps I should do another post titled:

    "The Missing Page/Chapter: the Namaste Culture of India."

    [Just kidding!]

  • What you would find abusive someone else may not and vice versa, its ok for you to disagree. We both can state it in a civil manner and agree to disagree.

    Re: The examples I gave in second pragraph and that para in general -- I am not suggesting it is OK for people to use those words or it is a common thing you will see on HU. I was trying to make a point as to how some people are used to certain words that are otherwise in general considered to be offensive or not so good.

    I agree with you about treating others the way I would want to be treated. I will send you a pvt message with other thoughts of mine. I don;t want to digress into discussions that are not related to diabetes/ this forum.

    Good day.

  • @Cjuan ....This forum is not for posting and then discussing the posts again in another post ...I think we are diverted from our motivation to be in forum that is forming a support group for people suffering from diabetes ...lets not feel offended by terms ... we are not 3 years old kid ...feeling upset by some words ...please dont go into anatomy of words and connect it to religion(please ...please) ...try to understand this is not FACEBOOK :) :) Nobody is here to pas their time ...people are really troubled and looking for answers for their problem ...Behave sensible and mature guys :)  :)

  • Karch, you can regard that as a one-off event, not preplanned or purposely made to happen.  I've zero interest in getting involved  but not providing explanations, views, etc is shirking the responsibility and people will sooner or later start critiquing that as well.

    Yes, I am aware of the mission of HU - fighting this disease, etc. Life is not like a straight road with no bumps, no junctions, no bends, zero turns and diversions, etc. Just recently, someone in a blog elsewhere interestingly pointed out that he couldn't find straight lines in Natue! 

    Whatever happened was intended that way and we just play our roles, learn from it according to her script - if it is a diversion as you perceive it, then sooner or later, it will right itself and people will be back to the biz of discussing diabetic issues again.  Ya, willy-nilly, one just flows with tide of life.

  • @Cjuan,

    I think there are no straight lines in Nature & that is why your friend is unsble to find it anywhere. Even sunrays are waves, we know.

  • @karch,

    It would have been better if it were directed to those who use unpleasent words at others.

  • @Cjuan ....You seem to be really a knowledgeable person and your knowledge can enlighten many of us ...if comes in form of posts (a good synchronized ) ...we are looking to get enlightened by your much vast knowledge than this post :)  :)

  • The mission statement of HU is quite clear - we are here to pool our knowledge and resources to fight this disease, or shall we call it plague of the times, to the best we can. No need to single me out as being "enlightened" or "outstanding"... I still plenty to learn still.  It never ends, this road to learning.  And there are already quite a few knowledgeable folks here in the HU community who generously give their time to help others cope with the many troubling issues linked with the disease. We suffer when others suffer - it is Nature's way of inducing compassion to sprout from the depths of one's inner being, bringing one a step closer to THAT, that is the ultimate flowering of one's Divinity. 

  • My humble salutation to this high thinking, @Cjuan.

  • I came to know about HU through their ad at email inbox.

    I take the word "hogwash" as a signature.

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