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I am 46 year old.male having diabetes type 2 since 32 year of age .I am taking insulin on   the  advice  of. Doctor  along  with  tablet  dimicron  xr 60 .but I  gain  weight some  time  neuropathy.diminished  visions sleep disturbances  .so any one can advise me what can I do for this type of problem . I do some  type of pranayama &  exercise in the morning.so please advise me what kind of food & treetment is suitable for me.


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3 Replies

  • If you are on insulin it is impossible to lose weight - insulin is the storage hormone. 

    Your diet is where you are now and you are trying to cover what you eat with medication. You MUST reduce carbohydrate consumption.

    Go to youtube and research Dr. Jason Fung. Read his blog posts. And research LCHF.

  • Thanx Mike pollard

  • All this can be brought under control through LCHF diet.

    Diet is the key and not drugs when it comes to managing diabetes. Cut the carbs down. I am one of the 600+ Indian diabetics that I know of  who have had great experience with LCHF diet. 

    Few months back I had posted my HALF A Decade Journey as a Drug free type 2 diabetic -- see if this interests you:


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