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ED in diabetic men - is there a treatment?


I am 31 and being juvenile diabetic for 16 years now. Facing erectile problems since few months , what should I do? Also feel stressed at work and randomly gaining weight. Can this be the reason?

Please advise and suggest what can be done

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Please give some more information about your background so that members can give some advice suitably..

(1) your current age

(2) your weight / BMI

(3) your Hba1c history

(4) Details of Medications taken during last 16 years.

(5) Your Diet ...

(6) current life style such as kind of job , working hours, eating out,. Travelling , sleep hours, physical exercise etc etc

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Hi namaha

Thank you for response please see the below:-

Age is 31 years

Weight is 95kgs height 5 “9

Hb1ac is b/w 7 to 9, the most recent one was 7.4 in feb 2020

Medications: on injections, right now taking humalog mix25 in morning (28 units) and at night 23 units along with lantus (45 units)

Diet: not on any diet plan but I don’t eat from outside(2 times a month) and avoid sugar items. Also, in case of hypoglycaemia, I use glucose rather than chocolates or any other sweet

Lifestyle: 10 hours office and 4 hrs travelling each day except weekends and no workout

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1. Reduce at least 15 to20 kilograms

2. Quit any addiction, if you have.

3. Skip dinner instead take only low sugar fruit if feel hungry.

4. Learn meditation & practice it.

5. No stress in life.

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Thank you Bhiku

I think Lantus should not be taken more than 10 units per day.

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Dear DJ16

Diabetes and increased Body Mass Index independently increase the risk of ED. Together these conditions account for more than 8 million ED cases in the United States alone.

So you are not alone.... and there is nothing to get embarrassed....

First good news: it is treatable both by natural and modern medications...

Bad news is that it is a signal that one's

blood vessels have started to get damaged which could be a sign that it can lead to heart failure if ED left untreated ....

I am attaching a couple of articles for you which is quite informative !



Our advice would be to try the most natural way.

(1) Reduce your weight to a healthy range BMI (20-25) kg/m2.

(2) You can achieve your weight reduction goal gradually and slowly....no hurry ....by practising LCHF diet ....Calori restrictions........IF ( intermediate fasting )- you can also join other HU forum on weight loss and LCHF....

It is possible... Believe me .. people with 100 kg plus have been able to reach 70-75 kg..with diet, IF and physical exercise ....

(3) Your blood glucose will automatically be under control by observing (1) & (2) .....and your ED can be cured by 1,2&3

(4) May be , your insulin can be reduced even can be avoided if you reach your weight reduction goal...

(5) Apart from the well known Viagra which you can take after consultation with your doctor, You can also try herbal supplement for your ED such as Ashwagandha-India, Ginseng- Panax or Ginseng South korea / China...

May God Bless you! 🙏

Stay Safe , Stay Healthy

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Thank you namaha

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Thank you skp63, any suggestions which one to take ?

What is your daily diet like for breakfast, lunch and dinner and times.?

You may and can change your life style to reduce your weight which in turn can give you good health,

Eat green leaf veg, avoid hidden and free sugar food and drinks, always check food and drinks labels for carb.

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Thank you sandy

Your diabetes can be fully cured and you can slowly withdraw medication. Basically you need to cut down on carbohydrates drastically and increase your fat and protein intake. You have to give up milk as well. I am suggesting something on the lines of keto but not exactly keto. You can call it soft keto. I was diabetic now for many months my sugar is in normal range without any medication. You can contact me at 9999293450 for details. I can also put in touch with a whatsapp group of people who have been cured like this from serious diabetic condition.

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Could you please check some of your response. I have read books on diabetic issues.

You can have full fat milk, you have the watch the carbs. Also regular response is very important. You can even have whisky and larger!!!

Once you get to below a blood number you can come out of medication but, regular, blood check, eye check and foot checks are very important.

There is no cure for diabetes but it is under control without medication. In my case I went on life style change and regular exercise to avoid any medication, it is under control.

@DJ16..Important thing is to reduce weight.Keep recording blood sugar 2 hours after every meal,for a week.Find out the item of food which is increasing your blood sugar.Make a chart what to eat what not to eat.Low carb and high fat choices will stabilise your sugar.Go on reducing insulin when meter show reduction in blood sugar and also reduced weight.Simultaneously start 1 hour brisk walking .After substantial reduction in weight you can try Arobics.You can do this slowly and steadily.Restrict total quantity of food intake.If can do this,you may see substantial change within 3 months. Once BS sugar stabilise at 6.5 A1c,you may regain everything.Best wishes.

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Thank you for sharing

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