I am south Indian fallowing strict food regime .I take 40 units of novorapid before breakfast 50 units of novo rapid before lunch and 40 units of novorspid before dinner and 50 units of lantus at 11 pm my pp BG is 140 and fasting is 200 my hbac1 is 6.2.,pl how to reduce fasting BG.will taking regular insulin in the night help? But I experienced low BG in mid night

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  • Please come up with your diet plan and physical work schedule.

  • That is an awful lot of medication to not control what your condition is.

    No one here should advise what medication you should experiment with.

    I suspect you are on a traditional diet - the diet that made you diabetic and hasn't changed. You've been relying on medication to control your T2 (I assume) but it isn't working. Perhaps changing what you eat WILL deliver what you are seeking:

  • You may have to change your diabetologist.I am diabetic for the last 25 years and now I am 67.My sugar level is reasonably under control and I do not feel old and let down.If you are in Chennai I can recommend my doctor.Study your problem properly without getting tensed up.All the best.

  • I am in Chennai and I go to M V Diabetic Centre.  My FBS is also very high in spite of my followingLCHF FOOD. Pl share your doctors name and phone number. My email address is

    thanks in advance. 

  • Try Taking your evening food well before 7pm and give a clear 12 hour rest to your stomach. This has worked wonders for me in controlling FBS which is normal less than 100. One more thing dont stick to one regular diet. As a south Indian you can have variety of food. Keep changing your food day to day. Lastly exercise till you sweat. There is no substitute for hard work as they say :-)

  • Your insulin amt is high, but be courage, continue the medication, on the other hand, change your diet, dosa with foxtail millet instead of rice, idly also with foxtail millettes rice brown rice,  wheat with red sheet or long wheat, fruits, apples and papaya , on the other hand start homeo for the chance of your constitution of pancreas, after coming to control u completely depend on diet and homeo

  • If you have tested your Serum Insulin & C-peptide, please share the result. If not tested, please get those done & share here.

    The Insulin dose as well as the fact that you suffer low BS at midnight along with high FBS indicate that your Diabetes is really high.

  • please mention how long are you diabetic your age weight and how many years you are on insulin. We South Indian mostly prefer rice items only all the three times a day which is high carbo based.  Therefore, try to reduce carbo intake first.  Bringing down less than 7 in hba1c when diabetic for more than 20 years is a very tough task. Your insulin units are very high and do not face low sugar particularly during night time . Hence meet DR Mohan diabetic specialities centre and adjust your doses suitabily

  • Expelling 'smoke' will not solve the problem as long as 'fire' is there.

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