Do beta cells really die??Or become inactive due to extra work load???

It is seen that after gastric by pass surgery about in about 65% cases remission of diabetes is seen.(Without any weight loss)

Does this means that beta cells goes inactive due to extra work load?? Is it true that due to fatty pancreas beta cells slows down???

Is there anyway to make them active once again???

New castle experiment was about the same????

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  • First you have to be clear that you are referring to type 2. Then, it is the effectiveness of insulin that is impaired; often type 2s produce higher than normal amounts of insulin, but the body's receptors are clogged up with visceral fat that makes it harder for the body's cells to use the available insulin.

    Whilst very low calorie diets have been proven effective in reducing insulin resistance, it has been hypothesised that much of that benefit comes from lowering carbohydrate intake in the diet. Not much research is done on this (reduced carbohydrate intake) because there is a lack of will to fund such research; it would not be profitable for many industries.

  • Yes I was referring to T2 only.....

    So it is visceral fat.......hmmmmm.......

  • Beta blocker tables like Atenol tobe prescribed to the HBP and diabets persons  Atenol also prescribed with combination ofcalcium channel blocker

      So this may not effect  T2 of the person. Beta blocker tablets will  help to reduce the both  BP and bS

  • Yes, the beta cells start functioning again, but there is weight loss involved. Morbidly obese people start to lose weight immediately, though this isn't apparent for obvious reasons. The fatty liver and fatty pancreas start to heal and the pancreas starts to function normally. Insulin resistance also reverses. This outcome is the reason LCHF works and the mechanism is the same. A 1gm fat loss from the pancreas is enough to start the process.

    So - life threatening surgery or a change of diet. Your choice.

  • तमसो मा ज्योतिर्ग्मय ....O lord.....lead us from darkness to light.....

    Mr.Mike....are we leading to cure???

    May be reversal....indefinite remission.....

  • It does kind of wind the clock back, but unless people learn not to repeat the behaviour that caused insulin-resistance/type 2 diabetes initially, they are doomed to repeat history.

  • Over a period of times in many persons beta cell get burned out due over work,. Even reserve beta cells die out due to strain of over burden. In the end type 2 gets converted to type1.

  • So...for safeguarding beta cells Low carbs is first thing a person can do....

  • Absolutely wrong deduction .Total intake should be reduced to facilitate effective functioning of pancreas.

  • is milk thistle useful for fatty pancreas???? How it works????

  • cure 

    Have you discussed your plans of trying the Newcastle experiment with the folks at Urali Kanchan ashram?

  • This will be interesting for you...

  • Well.....I am planning soon...I need to visit them as they won't entertain on telephone...I need to speak to main doctor there...

    But even without discussing also we can follow I stayed there some 10 yrs they advise is sure below 800 kl and low carb diet...and that is normal diet they put you on.

    No Sugar..No salt...and guess what earlier butter was not allowed...but about 2/3 yrs ago when i casually passed and visited refectory....I found fresh cow butter is now allowed.LOL....

    LCHF again????

  • What is your BMI? What is your planned duration of stay in the ashram? Here is a story of a person with BMI 21, who reversed his diabetes in 11 days by following the Newcastle diet -

  •  @ Jingale

    great.....hmmmm.....i am planning to stay there for atleast 15 days....

    My current weight is 95 KG....when diagnosed it was 105 kg.Height 5'10"

    In three months lost about 10 blood sugar is normal now.fasting 95 to 116. and PP 111 to 135.

    Random around 110 to 125.

    When diagnosed about 4 months ago on 14th Jan 2016 my HBa1c was 13.4

    Each month I am getting my Hba1c last HBa1c was 8.5 (done on 15th march 2016)

    Initially I was I was put on 1500 MG of Metformin+diamicron+istamet.

    In next month diamicron was discontinued.Now just half 50-500 istamet +1000 mg metformin.

    I am on low carb normal fat diet (our normal food is as it is high fat food lol)whatever carbs i am consuming are Long wheat carbs.

    I am planning to stay there in month of July or august 2016.

    I wish more and more members to join we can get 'buddy support' also confirm the results with each other.

  • Hello,

    Could you please tell me address of Ashram my mail I'd is

  • Please correct

  • sdabir

    this is the link...u will get all info here

  • Most of T2 patients are prescribed 'sitagliptin' or some DPP4 blocker drug.This it self points out that beta cells are still working and producing insulin....

    May be beta cells are not even clogged with liver fat.But fatty liver is present.....

    Then is it possible as many ppl says 'Leptin Signaling'???

  • me thinks that could be because of extra load . Any thing , any machine becomes obsolete with extra and excessive use . But then again , the amount of extra load could be different in different individuals .If used sparingly any machine comes for long time . The same thing with human body .Excess use or no use leads to defective functionality .Perhaps that could be reason for the practice of feasts on festival days and fasts on days of religious importance in the olden days .I think it is high time we practiced that , instead of going ceremoniously for three meals per day with in between nibblings .

  • saswathy

    What about body builders????

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