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No politics,please!

No politics,please!

Dear all,

No doubt Health-unlocked is a good platform for us for sharing our experience and knowledge to help each other and we must be thankful to entire health-unlocked team for providing this platform.I am a type 2 diabetic and during last one year,I got many useful information and am thankful to those who have helped me in management of diabetes.But it is a matter of sorrow that a few of us are political by nature and instead giving a real support to learner like me they play politics.I request those people that please avoid this.We diabetic people are already harassed and no more harassment we can like. Also this forum is not a right place for politicians.So they must change their attitude or they may join some political party to satisfy themselves.We must understand that proper co-operation among us will serve the purpose of being together at Health-unlocked.We all must support each other.Because,our opinion may be different but our motto is same i.e. to fight with and to win over diabetes.I request,once more-no politics,please!      

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Well said.

Reinstate Anup!


Anup never got abusive with anyone except using language for the diet

But even I got abuse when I presented my case. I was abused by indiacratus which I reported but no action was taken

All points presented by anup and all LCHF are either science based or anecdotal either which are useful

We just don't conform with the mainstream recommendation! Which many are anyway frustated

I keep questioning as to Why dieticians and drs recommend a health damaging bakery product like marie biscuits in place of natural almonds or peanuts for which I am abused

While promoting LCHF we don't sell anything

But we could see vested interest selling untested ayurvedic preparations which can have heavy metals or other unproven therapies

I would appeal to the moderators to remove the restriction and let the masses benefit from some strong but unconventional science backed regimen 


It is sad that my mentor who helped me in getting my HbA1C down is banned....

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