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Is it necessary to go into hell, of diabetes complications ?

Diabetes complications like blindness ( diabetes retinopathy), kidney failure ( nephropathy ), tingling and numbness of foot ( peripheral neuritis ), amputations of limb ( gangrene ) and even ED are common and that makes life hell.

Is there no way to prevent or at least delay and minimise its effects ? So what measures to be taken ? Any suggestions.

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Adopt LCHF 

Ensure that your numbers are less than the recommended numbers 

Fasting around 90. PP at 1 hr lower that 140 and lower than 120 at 2 hrs after each meal

Eat only 3 times a day and not 6 times as suggested which will only keep your pancreas working which is already tired 

HBA1C lesser than 5.5 

Don't eat any bakery stufff 

Leave sugars completely instead learn to have tea or coffee without sugar as its an acquired taste. If unable then use Stevia drops and don't touch aspartame etc 

Adopt a high fat diet which will not increase the sugar levels and will not tax the pancreas. 

Lower the carbs which are responsible for making the pancreas release insulin which is a double edged sword. Insulin helps glucose absorption. Which is good but excess insulin is also atherogenic which is bad. 

Good fats like ghee, butter, cheese, virgin coconut oil, Virginia olive oil will release ketones which will be used for energy and will not need insulin. 

See the success of LCHF More in this forum as well as the Internet and youtube. 

All the best.    


 Dear shashi

i have been hearing about the success stories of lchf diet. The people are claiming that they get good results like loss of weight, the 1c going below 6 from 8 or 9. i'm happy for them though some of the claims are unbelievable. I'm myself on lchf diet for more than 3 months. I'm using vco for cooking and evoo as dressings plus homemade ghee and cow ghee liberally. I eat one roti in a day only in the evening made from oat flour mixed with arad and almond flours. No sugar, no rice no sweetners. Take 50-70 ml curd mixed with almonds 5-6, pistachio about 10 and some cashew and 2 tablespoonfuls of vco in the morning. I don't feel hungry so i don't take lunch, ya nothing. Only dinner that too as i said one oat roti average sized with vegetable. No milk, seldom very little fruit. Taking pio and metformin. My ppbs ranges between 115 to 130 on glucometer but my other readings are horrible. Fasting 140-170 and post dinner ppbs 200 plus. I know i'm a vegetarian and there is carb in whatever i eat but my sugar levels are extremely labile.

When people claim that their 1c came down from 8-9 to 5.6-6 i can't believe because 1c is 3 months average of our blood sugar and if one can achieve such a good result in just one month i take it with a pinch of salt.

I wish you all and myself on lchf diet a good luck.


I am one of them

But by reduction of HBA1C from 7.2 to 5.2 was in 5 months time and 3 months of LCHF 

The proof is in the pudding 

Your own numbers will speak 

Not that I believed all

But my numbers spoke for itself 


I am off the rice for about 2-3 yrs. Wheat for about 3-4 months taking oat instead. Cutting down my total calorie intake. Is oat alright instead of wheat anup?

I think i have to learn from Arun kumar and shrisamarth about their diet plan.

Well my body response doesn't match with my glucometer readings. I'm feeling more energetic than before. I used to feel tired all the time which i feel very less now-a-days.

I will surely count my c/p/f but i do all the time have that counting  in my mind. May be i'm a slow responder to lchf diet or i'm making a big mistake.

I will one day become drug free like you guys. You are all providing me full inspiration.

Arun and shri. Please let me know your diet plans and help me improve my readings.

Thanks everybody.





Red Blood Cells

Average Blood Glucose


Stop doing what you are doing and you will stop getting what you've got!

There is a reason people get T2. Once you identify it and stop doing it then nature will heal you. Don't look for miracle cures, change your diet to high fat, low carbohydrate.


For diabetes does life style modifications carry any meaning or does it serve any purpose?


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