Kindly guide me to choose simple LCHF food for breakfast,lunch and dinner

I am a 56 years old diabetics for more than 15 years with uncontrolled . I am  unmarried and I having  my breakfast, lunch and dinner from restaurants only. I am a Indian and I am requesting all LCHF experts to give me simple LCHF food menu,which I can follow. Also I am requesting Mr. Anup to help me in this regard.


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2 Replies

  • He will surely help you.Please wait for his reply!

  • 220+ meals are posted by Indian diabetics living on LCHF diet from all regions of India and some from US also on

    Unfortunately it's too daunting a task to give all 200+ menu items out here.

    Also, jumping straight to meals will always keep you looking for help with each and every item. So, it would be great of the foundation is right. All details on LCHF are available on above link.

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